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ID Link Skin Type Weight Flags Description
20 Chainmail Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
25 Apprentice Gloves Gloves Light
32 Rawhide Bracers Gloves Medium
33 Scallywag Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
39 Seer Gloves Gloves Light
43 Sneakthief Gloves Gloves Medium
50 Worn Chain Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
56 Country Gloves Gloves Light
59 Studded Gloves Gloves Medium
68 Worn Scale Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
71 Swindler Gloves Gloves Medium
73 Magician Gloves Gloves Light
77 Reinforced Scale Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
80 Privateer Gloves Gloves Medium
82 Cabalist Gloves Gloves Light
87 Banded Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
91 Rogue Gloves Gloves Medium
93 Conjurer Gloves Gloves Light
116 Illustrious Warfists Gloves Heavy
118 Illustrious Wristguards Gloves Light
120 Illustrious Grips Gloves Medium
165 Embroidered Wristguards Gloves Light
166 Student Gloves Gloves Light
174 Feathered Gloves Gloves Light
178 Exalted Gloves Gloves Light
204 Emblazoned Gloves Gloves Medium
239 Chain Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
240 Scale Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
241 Gladiator Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
242 Splint Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
244 Tempered Scale Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
245 Barbaric Gloves Gloves Heavy
246 Draconic Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
247 Masquerade Gloves Gloves Light
248 Winged Gloves Gloves Light
249 Acolyte Gloves Gloves Light
250 Seeker Gloves Gloves Medium
251 Outlaw Gloves Gloves Medium
252 Noble Gloves Gloves Medium
253 Leather Gloves Gloves Medium
254 Rascal Gloves Gloves Medium
256 Prowler Gloves Gloves Medium
270 Adept Gloves Gloves Light
272 Protean Gloves Gloves Medium
280 Galvanic Gloves Gloves Heavy
285 Genius Gloves Gloves Light
288 Auxiliary Powered Gloves Gloves Medium
293 Electroplated Gloves Gloves Heavy
302 Savant Gloves Gloves Light
306 Prototype Gloves Gloves Medium
309 Electromagnetic Gloves Gloves Heavy
324 Warband Fists Gloves Heavy
329 Drover Gloves Gloves Medium
332 Invoker's Gloves Gloves Light
338 Archon Gloves Gloves Light
345 Wrangler Gloves Gloves Medium
348 Legion Fists Gloves Heavy
354 Dreadnought Fists Gloves Heavy
360 Magus Gloves Gloves Light
363 Trapper Gloves Gloves Medium
376 Commander's Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
383 Researcher's Livery Gloves Light
384 Scout's Gloves Gloves Medium
393 Avenger's Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
397 Falconer's Gloves Gloves Medium
400 Aristocrat's Livery Gloves Light
411 Protector's Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
413 Sorcerer's Livery Gloves Light
419 Assassin's Gloves Gloves Medium
431 Wolfborn Bracers Gloves Medium
435 Sheepskin Gloves Gloves Light
440 Dolyak Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
444 Eagle Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
449 Havroun Gloves Gloves Light
457 Predatory Bracers Gloves Medium
463 Wolf Bracers Gloves Medium
468 Lupine Gloves Gloves Light
471 Stag Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
486 Snapdragon Gloves Gloves Light
491 Evergreen Gloves Gloves Medium
494 Arborist Gloves Gloves Heavy
497 Orchid Gloves Gloves Light
506 Nightshade Gloves Gloves Medium
509 Warden Gloves Gloves Heavy
516 Dryad Gloves Gloves Light
523 Firstborn Gloves Gloves Medium
526 Oaken Gloves Gloves Heavy
626 Ascalonian Sentry Gloves Gloves Medium
627 Ascalonian Performer Gloves Gloves Light
628 Ascalonian Protector Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
638 Wrappings of the Lich Gloves Light
645 Accursed Vambraces Gloves Medium
646 Grasping Dead Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
662 Council Watch Gloves Gloves Medium
663 Council Ministry Gloves Gloves Light
664 Council Guard Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
675 Forgeman Wristguards Gloves Light
682 Forgeman Gloves Gloves Medium
683 Forgeman Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
689 Nightmare Court Gloves Gloves Light
699 Nightmare Court Armguards Gloves Medium
700 Nightmare Court Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
717 Force of Koda Gloves Medium
718 Arms of Koda Gloves Light
719 Claws of Koda Gloves Heavy
729 Flame Legion Wraps Gloves Light
736 Flame Legion Gloves Gloves Medium
737 Flame Legion Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
753 Inquest Bracers Gloves Medium
754 Inquest Wraps Gloves Light
755 Inquest Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
759 Radiant Vambraces Gloves Heavy NoCost Revered by all.
761 Radiant Vambraces Gloves Light NoCost Revered by all.
766 Radiant Vambraces Gloves Medium NoCost Revered by all.
771 Hellfire Vambraces Gloves Heavy NoCost Fear incarnate.
772 Hellfire Vambraces Gloves Light NoCost Fear incarnate.
778 Hellfire Vambraces Gloves Medium NoCost Fear incarnate.
790 Scarlet's Grasp Gloves Heavy
792 Scarlet's Grasp Gloves Medium
793 Scarlet's Grasp Gloves Light
800 Fire God's Medium Vambraces Gloves Medium NoCost
802 Fire God's Heavy Vambraces Gloves Heavy NoCost
804 Fire God's Light Vambraces Gloves Light NoCost
811 Heritage Armguards Gloves Medium NoCost
812 Heritage Gauntlets Gloves Heavy NoCost
813 Heritage Gloves Gloves Light NoCost
814 Heavenly Light Bracers Gloves Light NoCost
815 Heavenly Heavy Bracers Gloves Heavy NoCost
816 Heavenly Medium Bracers Gloves Medium NoCost
883 Militia Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
891 Devout Gloves Gloves Light
896 Heavy Plate Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
902 Stately Gloves Gloves Light
908 Duelist Gloves Gloves Medium
915 Pit Fighter Wristguards Gloves Heavy
918 Dry Bones Gloves Gloves Light
929 Dark Templar Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
930 Primitive Handwraps Gloves Light
935 Buccaneer Gloves Gloves Medium
943 Studded Plate Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
945 Stalker Gloves Gloves Medium
951 Rubicon Gloves Gloves Medium
959 Armageddon Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
961 Aurora Gloves Gloves Light
1151 Braham's Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1152 Phoenix Gloves Gloves Light
1153 Magitech Armguards Gloves Medium
1154 Primeval Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1155 Profane Gloves Gloves Light
1156 Krytan Armguards Gloves Medium
1157 Phalanx Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1257 Flamekissed Gloves Gloves Light
1267 Flamewrath Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1268 Flamewalker Armguards Gloves Medium
1271 Strider's Armguards Gloves Medium
1272 Rampart Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1278 Incarnate Gloves Gloves Light
1319 Aetherblade Heavy Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1320 Aetherblade Light Gloves Gloves Light
1321 Aetherblade Medium Armguards Gloves Medium
1328 Toxic Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1329 Toxic Gloves Gloves Light
1330 Toxic Armguard Gloves Medium
1335 Trickster's Gloves Gloves Light
1341 Viper's Armguards Gloves Medium
1345 Zodiac Heavy Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1351 Zodiac Light Gloves Gloves Light
1357 Zodiac Medium Armguards Gloves Medium
1366 Lawless Gloves Gloves Medium
1372 Lawless Gloves Gloves Heavy
1373 Lawless Gloves Gloves Light
1382 Priory's Historical Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1383 Priory's Historical Gloves Gloves Light
1388 Priory's Historical Vambraces Gloves Medium
1400 Vigil's Honor Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1404 Vigil's Honor Gloves Gloves Light
1407 Vigil's Honor Gloves Gloves Medium
1415 Whisper's Secret Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
1420 Whisper's Secret Gloves Gloves Light
1423 Whisper's Secret Gloves Gloves Medium
1515 Heavy Scale Armguards Gloves Heavy
1662 Apostle Wraps Gloves Light
1669 Tribal Bangles Gloves Light
1714 Guild Archmage Gloves Gloves Light
1772 Marauder Gloves Gloves Medium
1775 Stalwart Gloves Gloves Medium
1806 Guild Watchman Gloves Gloves Medium
1996 Wurmslayer's Wristguards Gloves Light
1997 Wurmslayer's Warfists Gloves Heavy
2000 Wurmslayer's Vambraces Gloves Medium
2012 Heavy Fused Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
2015 Medium Fused Gauntlets Gloves Medium
2017 Light Fused Gauntlets Gloves Light
2265 Diviner Gloves Gloves Light
2273 Mist Walker Gloves Gloves Medium
5600 Glorious Hero's Gauntlets Gloves Heavy HideIfLocked
5608 Glorious Hero's Armguards Gloves Light HideIfLocked
5614 Glorious Hero's Wristplates Gloves Medium HideIfLocked
5640 Glorious Armguards Gloves Light
5646 Glorious Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
5649 Glorious Wristplates Gloves Medium
5711 Carapace Vambraces Gloves Medium
5720 Luminescent Gloves Gloves Light
5721 Luminescent Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
5729 Luminescent Vambraces Gloves Medium
5736 Carapace Gauntlets Gloves Heavy
5742 Carapace Gloves Gloves Light
5817 Shadow of the Dragon Gloves Gloves Medium
5822 Shadow of the Dragon Gloves Gloves Heavy
5823 Shadow of the Dragon Gloves Gloves Light