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ID Link Skin Type Weight Flags Description
2 Chainmail Chestpiece Chest Heavy
4 Apprentice Coat Chest Light
6 Rawhide Vest Chest Medium
8 Scallywag Chest Chest Heavy
9 Seer Coat Chest Light
12 Sneakthief Coat Chest Medium
13 Country Coat Chest Light
17 Studded Coat Chest Medium
21 Worn Chain Coat Chest Heavy
24 Worn Scale Coat Chest Heavy
31 Swindler Coat Chest Medium
37 Magician Coat Chest Light
42 Reinforced Scale Coat Chest Heavy
46 Privateer Coat Chest Medium
51 Cabalist Coat Chest Light
54 Banded Coat Chest Heavy
58 Rogue Coat Chest Medium
63 Conjurer Chest Chest Light
107 Illustrious Breastplate Chest Heavy
109 Illustrious Doublet Chest Light
111 Illustrious Guise Chest Medium
125 Splint Coat Chest Heavy
129 Tempered Scale Chestplate Chest Heavy
131 Draconic Coat Chest Heavy
141 Embroidered Coat Chest Light
143 Student Coat Chest Light
146 Acolyte Coat Chest Light
151 Feathered Vestments Chest Light
158 Winged Tunic Chest Light
161 Exalted Coat Chest Light
176 Leather Coat Chest Medium
179 Rascal Coat Chest Medium
188 Emblazoned Coat Chest Medium
189 Prowler Coat Chest Medium
199 Barbaric Coat Chest Heavy
209 Chain Coat Chest Heavy
210 Scale Coat Chest Heavy
212 Gladiator Chestplate Chest Heavy
217 Masquerade Raiments Chest Light
219 Seeker Coat Chest Medium
220 Outlaw Coat Chest Medium
222 Noble Coat Chest Medium
273 Adept Coat Chest Light
276 Protean Coat Chest Medium
281 Galvanic Coat Chest Heavy
286 Genius Coat Chest Light
296 Auxiliary Powered Coat Chest Medium
301 Electroplated Coat Chest Heavy
305 Savant Coat Chest Light
308 Prototype Coat Chest Medium
313 Electromagnetic Coat Chest Heavy
328 Warband Hauberk Chest Heavy
333 Drover Coat Chest Medium
337 Invoker's Coat Chest Light
344 Archon Coat Chest Light
351 Wrangler Coat Chest Medium
353 Legion Hauberk Chest Heavy
359 Dreadnought Hauberk Chest Heavy
364 Magus Coat Chest Light
366 Trapper Coat Chest Medium
381 Commander's Armor Chest Heavy
387 Researcher's Coat Chest Light
392 Scout's Coat Chest Medium
396 Avenger's Armor Chest Heavy
403 Falconer's Coat Chest Medium
406 Aristocrat's Coat Chest Light
412 Protector's Armor Chest Heavy
418 Sorcerer's Coat Chest Light
421 Assassin's Coat Chest Medium
437 Wolfborn Vest Chest Medium
438 Sheepskin Doublet Chest Light
445 Dolyak Mail Chest Heavy
448 Eagle Mail Chest Heavy
456 Havroun Doublet Chest Light
460 Predatory Vest Chest Medium
469 Wolf Vest Chest Medium
472 Lupine Doublet Chest Light
474 Stag Mail Chest Heavy
490 Snapdragon Coat Chest Light
493 Evergreen Coat Chest Medium
500 Arborist Coat Chest Heavy
502 Orchid Coat Chest Light
508 Nightshade Coat Chest Medium
517 Warden Coat Chest Heavy
520 Dryad Coat Chest Light
525 Firstborn Coat Chest Medium
529 Oaken Coat Chest Heavy
611 Ascalonian Sentry Chestguard Chest Medium
613 Ascalonian Performer Vestments Chest Light
615 Ascalonian Protector Breastplate Chest Heavy
630 Grasping Dead Breastplate Chest Heavy
634 Vestments of the Lich Chest Light
641 Accursed Guise Chest Medium
647 Council Guard Breastplate Chest Heavy
653 Council Watch Chestguard Chest Medium
654 Council Ministry Vestments Chest Light
665 Forgeman Breastplate Chest Heavy
670 Forgeman Raiment Chest Light
676 Forgeman Jacket Chest Medium
684 Nightmare Court Robes Chest Light
690 Nightmare Court Guise Chest Medium
694 Nightmare Court Breastplate Chest Heavy
703 Heart of Koda Chest Medium
704 Soul of Koda Chest Light
706 Brawn of Koda Chest Heavy
721 Flame Legion Breastplate Chest Heavy
726 Flame Legion Vestments Chest Light
732 Flame Legion Coat Chest Medium
738 Inquest Breastplate Chest Heavy
743 Inquest Guise Chest Medium
749 Inquest Vest Chest Light
794 Guild Archmage Robes Chest Light
795 Guild Watchman Chestguard Chest Medium
806 Heritage Jerkin Chest Medium NoCost
807 Heritage Warplate Chest Heavy NoCost
809 Heritage Greatcoat Chest Light NoCost
861 Militia Breastplate Chest Heavy
863 Devout Garb Chest Light
864 Heavy Plate Chestguard Chest Heavy
866 Stately Garb Chest Light
870 Pit Fighter Chestguard Chest Heavy
878 Dry Bones Garb Chest Light
879 Duelist Coat Chest Medium
886 Dark Templar Breastplate Chest Heavy
898 Primitive Chestwraps Chest Light
900 Buccaneer Coat Chest Medium
917 Studded Plate Armor Chest Heavy
925 Stalker Coat Chest Medium
946 Rubicon Coat Chest Medium
952 Armageddon Breastplate Chest Heavy
954 Aurora Garb Chest Light
1079 Braham's Chestplate Chest Heavy
1082 Phoenix Vest Chest Light
1087 Magitech Jerkin Chest Medium
1090 Primeval Warplate Chest Heavy
1094 Profane Greatcoat Chest Light
1097 Krytan Jerkin Chest Medium
1101 Phalanx Warplate Chest Heavy
1253 Flamekissed Vest Chest Light
1261 Flamewrath Chestplate Chest Heavy
1262 Flamewalker Coat Chest Medium
1277 Incarnate Vest Chest Light
1283 Strider's Tunic Chest Medium
1289 Rampart Warplate Chest Heavy
1313 Aetherblade Heavy Warplate Chest Heavy
1314 Aetherblade Light Vest Chest Light
1315 Aetherblade Medium Jerkin Chest Medium
1333 Trickster's Vest Chest Light
1339 Viper's Jerkin Chest Medium
1344 Zodiac Heavy Warplate Chest Heavy
1350 Zodiac Light Vest Chest Light
1356 Zodiac Medium Jerkin Chest Medium
1380 Priory's Historical Breastplate Chest Heavy
1384 Priory's Historical Vestments Chest Light
1387 Priory's Historical Jerkin Chest Medium
1397 Vigil's Honor Breastplate Chest Heavy
1403 Vigil's Honor Vest Chest Light
1405 Vigil's Honor Jerkin Chest Medium
1416 Whisper's Secret Breastplate Chest Heavy
1419 Whisper's Secret Robes Chest Light
1422 Whisper's Secret Longvest Chest Medium
1484 Guild Defender Chestpiece Chest Heavy
1501 Heavy Scale Chestpiece Chest Heavy
1589 Apostle Cassock Chest Light
1599 Tribal Vestments Chest Light
1699 Marauder Jacket Chest Medium
1704 Stalwart Jerkin Chest Medium
2262 Diviner Coat Chest Light
2267 Mist Walker Coat Chest Medium
5588 Radiant Brigandine Chest Light NoCost Revered by all.
5589 Radiant Hauberk Chest Medium NoCost Revered by all.
5592 Radiant Cuirass Chest Heavy NoCost Revered by all.
5593 Hellfire Hauberk Chest Medium NoCost Fear incarnate.
5595 Hellfire Brigandine Chest Light NoCost Fear incarnate.
5597 Hellfire Cuirass Chest Heavy NoCost Fear incarnate.
5599 Glorious Hero's Breastplate Chest Heavy HideIfLocked
5607 Glorious Hero's Raiment Chest Light HideIfLocked
5613 Glorious Hero's Brigandine Chest Medium HideIfLocked
5618 Glorious Breastplate Chest Heavy
5641 Glorious Raiment Chest Light
5650 Glorious Brigandine Chest Medium
5710 Carapace Jerkin Chest Medium
5719 Luminescent Vestments Chest Light
5725 Luminescent Breastplate Chest Heavy
5730 Luminescent Jerkin Chest Medium
5737 Carapace Breastplate Chest Heavy
5743 Carapace Vestments Chest Light