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ID Link Skin Type Weight Flags Description
16 Apprentice Shoes Boots Light
19 Rawhide Boots Boots Medium
27 Scallywag Greaves Boots Heavy
30 Seer Boots Boots Light
35 Sneakthief Sandals Boots Medium
40 Worn Chain Greaves Boots Heavy
48 Studded Boots Boots Medium
53 Country Boots Boots Light
65 Worn Scale Boots Boots Heavy
67 Swindler Boots Boots Medium
69 Magician Boots Boots Light
74 Reinforced Scale Boots Boots Heavy
75 Privateer Boots Boots Medium
78 Cabalist Boots Boots Light
84 Banded Greaves Boots Heavy
88 Conjurer Shoes Boots Light
114 Illustrious Greaves Boots Heavy
115 Illustrious Footwear Boots Light
117 Illustrious Striders Boots Medium
134 Splint Greaves Boots Heavy
139 Tempered Scale Greaves Boots Heavy
140 Draconic Boots Boots Heavy
155 Embroidered Sandals Boots Light
156 Student Shoes Boots Light
160 Acolyte Boots Boots Light
164 Feathered Boots Boots Light
168 Winged Boots Boots Light
172 Exalted Boots Boots Light
186 Leather Shoes Boots Medium
193 Rascal Boots Boots Medium
198 Emblazoned Boots Boots Medium
201 Prowler Boots Boots Medium
225 Chain Boots Boots Heavy
227 Scale Boots Boots Heavy
229 Gladiator Boots Boots Heavy
232 Barbaric Boots Boots Heavy
234 Masquerade Boots Boots Light
236 Seeker Boots Boots Medium
237 Outlaw Boots Boots Medium
238 Noble Boots Boots Medium
289 Adept Boots Boots Light
292 Protean Boots Boots Medium
303 Galvanic Boots Boots Heavy
304 Auxiliary Powered Boots Boots Medium
310 Electroplated Boots Boots Heavy
312 Genius Boots Boots Light
314 Savant Boots Boots Light
315 Prototype Boots Boots Medium
316 Electromagnetic Boots Boots Heavy
342 Warband Boots Boots Heavy
350 Drover Boots Boots Medium
352 Invoker's Boots Boots Light
358 Archon Boots Boots Light
362 Wrangler Boots Boots Medium
367 Legion Boots Boots Heavy
368 Dreadnought Warboots Boots Heavy
369 Magus Boots Boots Light
370 Trapper Boots Boots Medium
394 Commander's Footgear Boots Heavy
404 Researcher's Shoes Boots Light
409 Scout's Boots Boots Medium
415 Avenger's Footgear Boots Heavy
416 Falconer's Boots Boots Medium
420 Aristocrat's Shoes Boots Light
422 Protector's Footgear Boots Heavy
423 Sorcerer's Shoes Boots Light
424 Assassin's Boots Boots Medium
452 Wolfborn Boots Boots Medium
454 Sheepskin Shoes Boots Light
462 Dolyak Greaves Boots Heavy
467 Eagle Greaves Boots Heavy
473 Havroun Shoes Boots Light
475 Predatory Boots Boots Medium
476 Wolf Boots Boots Medium
477 Lupine Shoes Boots Light
478 Stag Greaves Boots Heavy
505 Snapdragon Boots Boots Light
510 Evergreen Boots Boots Medium
519 Arborist Boots Boots Heavy
521 Nightshade Boots Boots Medium
527 Warden Boots Boots Heavy
528 Orchid Boots Boots Light
530 Dryad Boots Boots Light
531 Firstborn Boots Boots Medium
532 Oaken Boots Boots Heavy
618 Ascalonian Sentry Boots Boots Medium
620 Ascalonian Performer Shoes Boots Light
622 Ascalonian Protector Greaves Boots Heavy
632 Grasping Dead Greaves Boots Heavy
637 Walkers of the Lich Boots Light
643 Accursed Treads Boots Medium
650 Council Guard Greaves Boots Heavy
658 Council Watch Boots Boots Medium
659 Council Ministry Shoes Boots Light
668 Forgeman Greaves Boots Heavy
673 Forgeman Shoes Boots Light
678 Forgeman Boots Boots Medium
687 Nightmare Court Footwraps Boots Light
693 Nightmare Court Boots Boots Medium
697 Nightmare Court Greaves Boots Heavy
711 Tracks of Koda Boots Medium
712 Path of Koda Boots Light
713 Paws of Koda Boots Heavy
723 Flame Legion Greaves Boots Heavy
728 Flame Legion Shoes Boots Light
734 Flame Legion Boots Boots Medium
741 Inquest Greaves Boots Heavy
746 Inquest Boots Boots Medium
751 Inquest Shoes Boots Light
757 Radiant Greaves Boots Heavy NoCost Revered by all.
760 Radiant Greaves Boots Medium NoCost Revered by all.
764 Radiant Greaves Boots Light NoCost Revered by all.
769 Hellfire Greaves Boots Light NoCost Fear incarnate.
774 Hellfire Greaves Boots Medium NoCost Fear incarnate.
777 Hellfire Greaves Boots Heavy NoCost Fear incarnate.
799 Heritage Boots Boots Medium NoCost
801 Heritage Warboots Boots Heavy NoCost
803 Heritage Shoes Boots Light NoCost
867 Heavy Plate Greaves Boots Heavy
872 Militia Boots Boots Heavy
874 Devout Shoes Boots Light
885 Stately Footwear Boots Light
887 Duelist Boots Boots Medium
890 Rogue Boots Boots Medium
899 Pit Fighter Greaves Boots Heavy
904 Dry Bones Shoes Boots Light
912 Dark Templar Greaves Boots Heavy
916 Primitive Footwraps Boots Light
923 Buccaneer Boots Boots Medium
932 Studded Plate Greaves Boots Heavy
938 Stalker Boots Boots Medium
948 Rubicon Boots Boots Medium
957 Armageddon Greaves Boots Heavy
960 Aurora Shoes Boots Light
1092 Braham's Warboots Boots Heavy
1095 Phoenix Shoes Boots Light
1098 Magitech Boots Boots Medium
1102 Primeval Warboots Boots Heavy
1105 Profane Shoes Boots Light
1111 Krytan Boots Boots Medium
1113 Phalanx Warboots Boots Heavy
1255 Flamekissed Shoes Boots Light
1263 Flamewrath Warboots Boots Heavy
1264 Flamewalker Boots Boots Medium
1276 Incarnate Shoes Boots Light
1282 Strider's Boots Boots Medium
1288 Rampart Warboots Boots Heavy
1316 Aetherblade Heavy Warboots Boots Heavy
1317 Aetherblade Light Shoes Boots Light
1318 Aetherblade Medium Boots Boots Medium
1334 Trickster's Shoes Boots Light
1340 Viper's Boots Boots Medium
1343 Zodiac Heavy Warboot Boots Heavy
1349 Zodiac Light Shoes Boots Light
1355 Zodiac Medium Boots Boots Medium
1361 Lawless Boots Boots Medium
1369 Lawless Boots Boots Heavy
1370 Lawless Boots Boots Light
1391 Priory's Historical Greaves Boots Heavy
1392 Priory's Historical Shoes Boots Light
1393 Priory's Historical Boots Boots Medium
1409 Vigil's Honor Greaves Boots Heavy
1410 Vigil's Honor Footwear Boots Light
1411 Vigil's Honor Boots Boots Medium
1426 Whisper's Secret Greaves Boots Heavy
1427 Whisper's Secret Footwear Boots Light
1428 Whisper's Secret Boots Boots Medium
1514 Heavy Scale Shinguards Boots Heavy
1628 Apostle Shoes Boots Light
1634 Tribal Walkers Boots Light
1675 Guild Archmage Shoes Boots Light
1734 Marauder Boots Boots Medium
1740 Stalwart Boots Boots Medium
1791 Guild Watchman Boots Boots Medium
2041 Chainmail Footgear Boots Heavy
2264 Diviner Boots Boots Light
2271 Mist Walker Boots Boots Medium
5601 Glorious Hero's Wargreaves Boots Heavy HideIfLocked
5606 Glorious Hero's Footgear Boots Light HideIfLocked
5612 Glorious Hero's Shinplates Boots Medium HideIfLocked
5642 Glorious Footgear Boots Light
5651 Glorious Shinplates Boots Medium
5652 Glorious Wargreaves Boots Heavy
5712 Carapace Boots Boots Medium
5718 Luminescent Shoes Boots Light
5723 Luminescent Greaves Boots Heavy
5731 Luminescent Boots Boots Medium
5733 Carapace Shoes Boots Light
5741 Carapace Greaves Boots Heavy