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Ambient dialogue at Canal Ward from past Living World releases can be found here.

Before Escape from Lion's Arch[edit]

Scholar: What's the fastest way to get to Divinity's Reach?
Lionguard: An asura gate, probably. it'll cost you, though.
Scholar: What if I flash the gatekeeper my most charming smile?
Lionguard: Then it'll cost you more.
Lionguard: Where is your group from?
Traveler: Nebo Terrace
Lionguard: Refugees, are you?
Traveler: Yes. We want to get as far away form centaurs as humanly possible.
[A sharply dressed norn couple walk by two female sylvari.]
Citizen (1): Did you see what she was wearing?
Citizen (2): No, I was busy looking at him.
Adventurer: Hey, which way to the outhouse?
Citizen: We don't have outhouses. We have water closets.
Adventurer: Like latrines?
Citizen: Nope. They all flow into the same sewer system, and that all goes out to sea.
Adventurer: That's more than I really needed to know.
Citizen: Hey, you asked. Just don't ask me if anything lives down there.
Adventurer: You've got a deal.
Citizen (1): Find any bargains?
Citizen (2): Today and every day.
Citizen (1): Really? I haven't.
Citizen (2): You have to know where to look...and how to ask.
Scholar: I need an expert blacksmith, and money is no object.
Citizen: You've got a lot of choices. Charr, human, norn: they're all good.
Scholar: I want high quality, low prices, and a minimum of egotistical blather.
Citizen: In that case, you definitely want sylvari.
[The scholar walks up to Muireall]
Scholar: I require assistance.
[The scholar returns to the Citizen he originally spoke with.]
Scholar: Thank you. That was quite helpful.