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Ambient dialogue at Bloodcoast Ward from past Living World releases can be found here.

Before Escape from Lion's Arch[edit]

Guard (1): I like my pancakes, and they like me.
Guard (2): Hm, Indeed they do.
Guard (2): I've been to the south and back. Not good.
Guard (1): Pirates?
Guard (2): And undead.
Guard (1): Ouch.
Villager (1): You see those dancing girls they got in town?
Villager (2): Which ones? The krytans, or the sylvari?
Villager (1): Those norn women.
Villager (2): I think you've been on the farm too long.
An asura scholar has hired workers to mine rocks
Worker (human): I need some help with my working song.
Scholar: What have you got so far?
Worker (human): "We have to dig, dig, dig, dig all day long."
Scholar: You're right: It's not quite there yet.
Worker (human): This job makes me nervous.
Worker (charr): Why? we're just diggin' up rocks.
Worker (human): Dwarves dug too deep, and now...there are no dwarves.
Worker (charr): I think you should work more and think less.
Worker (norn): I came to this city to make a name for myself, not break rocks.
Scholar: I presume you mean a name for yourself as a warrior?
Worker (norn): Yeah, that's right.
Scholar: Don't despair. Some guild will notice your hammer-swinging technique and sign you up.
Worker (human): Who needs dredge miners or heavy machinery? We've got this covered.
Worker (norn): You got it covered, little man. All I've got is a crick in my back.