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Ambient dialogue at the Black Lion Trading Company HQ from past Living World releases can be found here.


Before Escape from Lion's Arch[edit]

Lionguard: I heard you quit that asura-sponsored guild.
Pirate (charr): I did. Spent a few months working for them, and that was enough.
Lionguard: Bad boss?
Pirate (charr): I'll say. I used to think Iron Legion officers were short-tempered and abusive.
A human merchant bothers a skritt merchant
Citizen (human): I'll tell you what. If I get one more farmer selling me rotten vegetables, I'll scream. You got any charr iron?
Citizen (skritt): Tsk, no.
Citizen (human): You wouldn't believe the morons I have to deal with, day in and day out. More stone carvings?
Citizen (skritt): No.
Citizen (human): Competition's getting stiff around here. That ugly ol' cuss with the booth next to mine lowered his prices again.
Citizen (human): Now those skritt-heads are talking about hitting us up with a tithe for city upkeep. No offense.
Citizen (human): you got any grof grass? I got a quaggan that's begging for it.
Citizen (skritt): No.
Citizen (human): Well, what good are you?
Citizen (skritt): Pay twenty gold for two centaur spearheads.
Citizen (human): Twenty? Yesterday they were ten.
Citizen (skritt): Today, twenty.