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A character displaying the breathing apparatus.

A breathing apparatus is the headgear armor your character uses while underwater. It completely replaces all stats of terrestrial headgear, including defensive and rune bonuses. Your character automatically switches between the land and water headgear as needed. All characters are given a light, medium, or heavy Aqua Breather as starting equipment upon character creation. Higher level breathing apparatuses can be obtained as outlined below:


Underwater Breathing apparatus are available at all rarities (except legendary) and all levels.

Level 80[edit]


Level 80 ascended breathers are the best available. They are Account Bound, available with all standard ascended prefixes and require recipes to craft. Recipes may be purchased with Fractal Relics, or from the Trading Post. Diver's Breather are buyable for Swim-Speed Infusion +10.

Ascended breathers can have their stats changed in the Mystic Forge. Warning: Not all insignias can be used to change stats on ascended breathers. As an example, attempting to change breather stats by placing a Plaguedoctor's Intricate Gossamer Insignia in the Mystic Forge will not yield a functioning recipe.

Stat-selectable ascended breathers are also available from Slooshoo in Bitterfrost Frontier for Unbound Magic and Fresh Winterberries, or from Dive Master Astora for Swim-Speed Infusions.



Level 80 FExotic rarity are contained in Ancient Mariner's Oilcloth Bag:


Level 80 ERare rarity available as rewards from Defeat Tequatl the Sunless's group event:

Fine and Masterwork[edit]

Level 80 CFine and DMasterwork rarities may be purchased from
Complete heart (map icon).png
Explorer Gavbeorn Serpentslayer for 581 Karma.png and 1,155 Karma.png, respectively.

Level 79 and below[edit]

Level rewards[edit]

Level 8
Metal Aquabreather (Heavy)
Leather Aquabreather (Medium)
Cloth Aquabreather (Light)
Level 42
Choice of: Hunter's Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel, Lingering Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel, or Penetrating Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel (Heavy)
Choice of: Hunter's Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel, Lingering Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel, or Penetrating Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel (Medium)
Choice of: Hunter's Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel, Lingering Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel, or Penetrating Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel (Light)


The karma costs are the same for light, medium, and heavy versions. Creator Zee and Qualdup sell the uncommon Black Earth skins.

Level Vendor Zone Area Fine Masterwork
Complete heart (map icon).png
Sesto Headsplitter
Plains of Ashford Ascalon Basin 119 Karma.png [none]
Complete heart (map icon).png
Fisherman Will
Queensdale Shire of Beetletun 133 Karma.png [none]
Complete heart (map icon).png
Lionguard Hester
Caledon Forest Quetzal Bay 161 Karma.png [none]
Complete heart (map icon).png
Mayor Trisk
Kessex Hills Viathan's Arm 203 Karma.png 406 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Guard Lugung
Snowden Drifts Valslake 210 Karma.png 420 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Mei Shadowwalker
Gendarran Fields Provern Shore 280 Karma.png 560 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Lornar's Pass False Lake 308 Karma.png 616 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Sentinel Gristletooth
Fields of Ruin Tenaebron Lake 329 Karma.png 651 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Lieutenant Pickins
Harathi Hinterlands Greystone Rise 329 Karma.png 651 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Creator Zee
Bloodtide Coast Stormbluff Isle 371 Karma.png 735 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Sentinel Staggerfoe
Iron Marches Lake Desolann 434 Karma.png [none]
Complete heart (map icon).png
Commander Spleedoop
Timberline Falls Nonmoa Lake 441 Karma.png 875 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Sparkfly Fen Leeshore Gauntlet 455 Karma.png 910 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Engineer Verutum
Fireheart Rise Fuller Cistern 455 Karma.png 910 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Agent Rjoda
Mount Maelstrom The Mire Sea 490 Karma.png 980 Karma.png
72 Karma.pngRecruit Wongoo Straits of Devastation Stygian Deeps 525 Karma.png 1,050 Karma.png
Complete heart (map icon).png
Frostgorge Sound Dimotiki Waters 553 Karma.png 1,106 Karma.png
79 Karma.pngVaronos Parump Malchor's Leap Whisper Bay 574 Karma.png 1,141 Karma.png


Recipe: Water Filter (level 20) can be purchased from
Complete heart (map icon).png
Stout Darkmind for 126 Karma.png.


  • It is possible to travel underwater without a breathing apparatus equipped.
  • You can combine breathers in the mystic forge, but this will not automatically yield a breather of equal or greater rarity. Also, although the mystic forge might randomly produce one, it will be easier and arguably more economical to purchase one from a Karma merchant.
  • When using a full set of superior runes on your armor, you must also apply the same rune to your breathing apparatus in order to receive the 6th bonus while underwater.
  • Level 80 rare quality Breathing apparatus from Defeat Tequatl the Sunless group event are available on the Trading Post. Higher quality Breathing apparatus are account bound.

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