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This page is mostly static. For dynamic templates of the more promising suggestions, see:

Professions nav

(1a) Narrow

(1b) Wide

(1c) Very wide

(1d) Neutral header

Merged with Specializations nav

This would prevent elite spec pages to have 2 similar navboxes together. On the other hand, the 5 core specs are already fully covered by the List of traits, so this adds potentially unnecessary clutter.



Template: User:Noxx/Navs/Professions

Playable races nav + Racial skills nav

(2a) Two rows

(2b) Single row

(2c) Merged with Professions nav

This is just way too many things put together, but it was an experiment in placing all skill lists together and making them interlinked.

Skill types nav + Profession mechanics nav

Full list for each profession, grouped by spec

Template: User:Noxx/Navs/Skill types

(3aa) Multiple professions shown by default

Template: User:Noxx/Navs/Skill types

(3ab) Exact combination shown by default

(3ac) No headers

(3ad) Minimal default rows

Template: User:Noxx/Navs/Skill types/2

Everything together

(3ba) Simple list

(3bb) List with icons

(3c) List with icons, grouped by profession