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Yakkington's Toil

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Yakkington's Toil

Waypoint (map icon).png
Point of interest.png
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Yakkington's Toil map.jpg
Map of Yakkington's Toil

Yakkington's Toil locator.svg
Location within Frostgorge Sound

Yakkington's Toil is an area in southeast Frostgorge Sound just south of the Yak's Bend waypoint.


[edit] Locations and objectives

Renown Hearts
No hearts found for this area.
Waypoint (map icon).png
Yak's Bend Waypoint
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Sacred Trust
Yak's Bend Vista
From SE of Vista follow the shelf on the Eastern mountains north until you can jump across the ravine, then south to the Vista.
Skill Challenges
Skill point.png
Eulda Soulseer
Event shield (map icon).png
Escort the Traveling Merchant Orthun's caravan to Yak's Bend (72)

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

Albrikt (73)
Crusader Pitta (73)
Deep Water Rising (73)
Eadred (73)
Grain of Hope (73)
Kodan Icehammers (73)
Kodan Snowcallers (73)
Ranka Bloodsworn (73)
Steel Truth (73)
Thorned Grasp (73)
Toba (73)
Uldasse (73)

[edit] Services

Scout (map icon).png
Researcher Zott (73)
Sini Silvertongue (73)
Tempered Longing (73)
Vaino (73)

[edit] Foes

[edit] Crafting Resources

[edit] Resource nodes

Mine resource (map icon).png

[edit] Trivia

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