Windy Cave

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Windy Cave

Windy Cave map.jpg
Map of Windy Cave

Point of Interest
Mistriven Gorge
(Lornar's Pass)
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Windy Cave.jpg
Windy Cave

Windy Cave is mini-dungeon with a jumping-puzzle in a cave south of Mistriven Waypoint in Lornar's Pass.

If you manage to go to the final room of this cave, you will be rewarded with a Grand Chest, and the achievement Windy Cave Treasure, under the Explorer category.

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of personal story segment Bad Blood.

According to Magister Sieran of the Durmand Priory, the interior of the cave may be one of the Dwarves very first structures - possibly being over two thousand years old. The cave contains the tomb of Dagnar Stonepate of the Stone Summit dwarves. He was buried here together with his sword: the Sanguinary Blade, and his Ice Drake who now haunts the tomb.