Wild Growth

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Wild Growth

1325 AE
Mabon Market
(Caledon Forest)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari
Biography Right To Grow.png "All things have a right to grow"
Preceded by
Biography White Stag.png Black Night, White Stag
Biography Green Huntsman.png The Knight's Duel
Biography Shield of the Moon.png Beneath a Cold Moon
Biography Shield of the Moon.png The Heart of Nightmare
Followed by
Seeking the Zalisco

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Wild Growth is a part of the Sylvari personal story for characters who decided the most important teaching is "All things have a right to grow".


Wild Growth (Level 20)

Meet Caithe at Dreamer's Terrace.

  • Speak with Caithe.

Acquire the zalisco extract from the Hazupl hylek.

  • Meet Arlon and Pellam near Mabon Market.
  • Meet with the speaker of the Hazupl hylek.
  • Protect Speaker Mahuti and the other Hazupl.
  • Hold out against the Dengatl attack.


All professions


Enter the mission and talk to the twins, Arlon and Pellam. They are expecting the Speaker to arrive and give them zalisco extract.

The Speaker and his friends arrive. Everything is going fine until another bunch of giant frogs arrive, who don't want sylvari to have the zalisco extract. Then the fighting starts. The fights are a bit confusing, with bunches of giant enemy frogs and giant friendly frogs going at it. Kill all enemy frogs.

Then Arlon and Pellam will argue about whose fault the debacle was, and the mission is over.





Upon entering Dreamer's Terrace:

Trahearne: A protege, Caithe? I'm glad to see you putting trust in someone again.
Caithe: Don't start, Trahearne.
Trahearne: No, I mean it. This is a step toward getting over your grief.
Caithe: My "grief" is not a pile of rubble I can simply climb over. I don't want to talk about this.

Cinematic with Trahearne:

Caithe: Greetings, Valiant. I want you to meet Trahearne, another of the sylvari firstborn.
Caithe: Only a few firstborn are called to Wyld Hunts. I have the calling. So does Trahearne. I believe he carries the heaviest burden of us all.
<Character name>: More difficult than fighting an Elder Dragon?
Caithe: Our task is tangible, if dangerous, young Valiant. His is ephemeral. There may be no solution.
Trahearne: Caith speaks well of you - and she rarely speaks well of anyone. I need your help, Valiant.
Trahearne: In my studies of Orr, I've developed a salve that may help defend against dragon corruption. However, it requires a very rare ingredient.
Trahearne: The hylek harvest the sap of the rare zalisco plant to use in their potions. Only the hylek know how to grow the zalisco, and they rarely trade the extract.
Caithe: The Hazupl tribe have agreed to give us a sample. Two sylvari, a pair of twins named Arlon and Pelham, were sent to retrieve it.
Trahearne: Sylvari born from the same pod are extremely rare, and hylek consider twins to be sacred. The tribe agreed to trade only if they could meet Arlon and Pelham[sic].
<Character name>: I'd be glad to help. Tell me where they're making the trade, and I'll see that everything goes well.
Trahearne: Thank you. The twins are very young, and they can be argumentative, but they have good hearts.
Trahearne: They will be meeting the Haxupl caravan just north of Mabon Market to make the trade.

Cinematic with Arlon and Pellam:

<Character name>: Hello. Are you Arlon and Pellam?
Arlon: That's us! Slayers of wyrms, jungle plants, and undead of all kinds, at your service. How can we help you?
<Character name>: Actually, I'm here to help you. The firstborn asked me to go with you to meet the hylek.
Arlon: What? They don't trust us to do the job? Ah, well, the more the merrier. You're welcome to come.
Pellam: You're just in time. The Hazupl tribe should be here any minute. We're supposed to meet them, play nice, and trade these supplies for the zalisco extract.
Pellam: Oh, this should be fun. Hylek are fascinating. Don't worry about the formalities - I'll do the talking. I enjoy meeting new friends.
Arlon: Pellam's great at that. Me, I'm more the thumpy-fist-face sort of guy. It's amazing that we're twins - we're really nothing alike!
Arlon: I think I hear the hylek coming through the forest. Everyone get ready to say hello!

While hylek approach:

Arlon: One time, I killed three undead creepers with a single swing.
Pellam: That's because I was distracting the other five by juggling stones.
Arlon: Oh yeah? Well, I...oh, look! The hylek are here!

Cinematic when hylek arrive:

Speaker Mahuti: My name is Speaker Mahuti. Here, let me look on you both. Amazing. We did not know that your race could have twins!
Pellam: We can, Speaker. My brother and I awakened from the same pod. Our dream was shared.
Speaker Mahuti: The sun shines brightly upon you, indeed. I have brought the zalisco extract for your firstborn. Be careful. Until the sap is mixed into potions, it is extremely deadly.
Pellam: My brother and I will guard it well. It will stay in our care until we place it in Trahearne's own hands.
Hylek Amini: Vile, sunless wretch - Mahuti of the Hazupl! You dare trade hylek secrets with outsiders? The Dengatl tribe will not allow this. To protect the extract, we will take it from you by force!
Speaker Mahuti: May the sun god blister your skin, Dengatl thief. We will defend ourselves!
Arlon: How dare those Dengatl threaten our allies. Ready your weapons and charge! We can drive them off!
Pellam: No, don't attack! Feint! We can lead the other tribe astray, and excape in the confusion. Here, follow me!
<Character name>: Wait, both of you! We have to guard the Hazupl. Don't run off - HEY!

During fight with Dengatl:

Arlon: Get over here, you bloat-throated spy! I'll stab you good!
Speaker Mahuti: Wait! Sylvari! Do not leave us!
Speaker Mahuti: The Dengatl outnumber us!
Pellam: Thorns! It's a trap!
Arlon: Thorns! It's a trap!
Tochzotl: Grab the Hazupl goods! Attack!
Speaker Mahuti: Rise like the Sun! The Dengatl must not steal the extract!
Speaker Mahuti: Valiant! Aid us! There are too many of them!
Pellam: Brace yourselves! They're serious!
Arlon: To action! The hylek are everywhere!

Cinematic after fight:

Arlon: Briars! The Dengatl took the zalisco extract while we were fighting! This is your fault, Pellam.
Pellam: My fault? If you'd stayed behind while I led them away, the extract would have been safe.
Arlon: While you led them away? That was a dumb plan. I was running to attack them - you should have stayed behind!
Speaker Mahuti: The sun has turned its face from us! I never should have come here. I never should have agreed to give you the zalisco extract.
<Character name>: I'm deeply sorry, Speaker Mahuti. We'll retrieve the extract before anything else goes wrong.
Speaker Mahuti: You sound like you believe that. Hrrm. I wish I did. The Dengatl will use that sap to create powerful poisons. I must return and tell my chief what has happened.
Pellam: I've seen hylek caravans at the Hanto Trading Post. Someone there might know where to find the Dengatl village.
Arlon: Good idea! Valiant, why don't you meet us there?

My story[edit]

Wild Growth.jpg

Caithe introduced me to another firstborn name Trahearne. His Wyld Hunt involves Orr as well. Strangely, Caithe seemed to be very gentle with him—far more so than I've seen her with the other sylvari. She treats him like a little brother! Anyway, he had a job for me: to go help a pair of sylvari twins barter with the hylek.

I met with the twins and the hylek, but everything went to brambles. Dengatl hylek ambushed us and stole the poison we were supposed to transport. I'd better pull us all out of this mess before things get worse.

My story