Veteran Vilnia Shadowsong

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Veteran Vilnia Shadowsong

Vilnia Shadowsong is a powerful mesmer and shaman of Raven. She has turned to the dark side of Raven's teachings and has been killing children to increase her own power. She is part of the event Slay the evil Raven shaman, Vilnia Shadowsong, and her helper. Her helper is the sylvari Noxia.



  • AoE Lightning
  • Knocks Back
  • Tornado



Upon aggro
Cawww! Enfold them in Nightmare, Noxia!
Upon reaching 75% health the first time
Are you aware your pain is an illusion?
Upon reaching 50% health the first time
Wrong. And wrong again. (laugh) Oh, your mind is weak and fragile.
Upon reaching 25% health the first time
Feel my black ink seep into the river of your thoughts! (laugh)
Upon defeat
Raven, wrap my soul in your dark wings. (gasp)


  • You fight this Veteran and her servant, Noxia, plus various Raven adds and two illusions of herself, and in all you will have to survive quite a few stuns.
    • At 75% and 25% health she will summon four Illusions of Raven. At 50% she will summon two phantasms and disappear until they are defeated. Each summoning only happens once.
    • When she dies, her model changes into a phantasm of herself, showing that she doesn't actually die.
  • An Elder in Skradden Slopes tells a group of children about a Raven Witch who abducts children and eats them, which seems to be describing Vilnia.
The abilities listed under her name when selecting her does not match what she does.