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A manual is a gizmo resembling a book that unlocks a feature for the character that uses it, either unlocking the next tier of traits or becoming a commander.

[edit] Trait manuals

Trait manuals increase the number of trait points that can be spent in each trait line, allowing access to the higher-tiered traits. You must use the manuals in order: you have to unlock the adept tiers before you can use the master's manual; the second tier must be unlocked before you can use the grandmaster's book. When you use a manual, all your current trait points are refunded allowing you to redistribute your points without visiting a trainer.

Manual Trait points applicable Level required Cost
Adept's Training Manual.png Adept's Training Manual 10 11 10 Silver coin
Master's Training Manual.png Master's Training Manual 20 40 Gold coin
Grandmaster's Training Manual.png Grandmaster's Training Manual 30 60 Gold coin

[edit] Commander

The Commander's Compendium.png Commander's Compendium allows characters to become a commander and manage a squad in World vs World. At a cost of 100 Gold coin, it is one of the most expensive vendor-sold items in the game.

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