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{{skill icon|<skill name>}}

Displays a link to the skill and adds a skill icon in front of it. {{borderless}} is used to remove the edges for the original skill icons.


unnamed parameter 1
Skill name. Defaults to "Skill".
unnamed parameter 2
Link text. Defaults to canonical name.
Size in pixels of image to display


  • Meteor Shower.png
     Meteor Shower is produced from {{skill icon|Meteor Shower}}
  • Phoenix.png
     Phoenix is produced from {{skill icon|Phoenix}}
  • Kick (warrior utility skill).png
     Kick is produced from {{skill icon|Kick (warrior utility skill)}}
  • Kick (warrior utility skill).png
     FALCON KICK! is produced from {{skill icon|Kick (warrior utility skill)|FALCON KICK!}}
  • Skill.png
     Example is produced from {{skill icon|Nonexistent page|Example}}