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Suriel the Blazing Light

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Suriel the Blazing Light

Lethal Solar Flare Attack • Invulnerable While Blazing Light Active

— In-game description

Suriel the Blazing Light is the final encounter of the Queen's Gauntlet first tier of competitors.

[edit] Tactics

Suriel has a special attack with pretty long animation:

  • Solar Flare - point blank AoE, hits for around 30k and knock you down

Solar Flare's lethal damage can be negated if you have Shrouded by Darkness buff. This buff is granted by standing in the Grasping Dark, that look like black swirls appearing in random locations on the ground during the encounter. Standing in Grasping Dark also damages you for about 500 damage each second, so you better not to stand in it unless Suriel's casting Solar Flare. Suriel will also have a Blazing Light boon, that makes her invincible. To get rid of it, you must lure her into the Grasping Dark. She also has several attacks:

  • Radiant Bolt - projectile, hits for around 1k damage, inflicts weakness and cripple
  • Sanctify - spread AoE, hits for around 150 damage each bolt
Grasping Dark on the floor

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