Suriel the Blazing Light

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Suriel the Blazing Light

Suriel the Blazing Light is a human from Winterknell Shore, and a participant in the Queen's Gauntlet. She is fanatical and worships light, and her fighting style is harnessing the Tome of Wrath's blazing energy.


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Lethal Solar Flare Attack
  • Invulnerable While Blazing Light Active
  • Sanctify - Spread AoE, hits for around 150 damage with each bolt.
  • Radiant Bolt - Projectile that hits for around 1,000 damage and inflicts Weakness 40px.png Weakness and Crippled 40px.png cripple.
  • Solar Flare - PBAoE that hits for around 30,000 damage and Knockdown 40px.png knocks you down. Can be negated if the player has the Shrouded by Darkness effect, gained by standing in the grasping darkness on the floor.
Stolen skills


  • Suriel is 5'7" tall and weighs 140 lbs.