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"Assassin" to Agent Barwick
Agent Batanga to Anet
Angchu Armor Chest to Artificer/Grandmaster recipes
Artificer/Initiate recipes to Auxiliary Powered Gloves
Auxiliary Powered Helm to Basic Rifle
Basic Salvage Kit to Blackberry Cookies
Blackberry Pie to Bowl of Chocolate Frosting
Bowl of Chocolate Omnomberry Frosting to Bridgewatch Camp
Bridgewatch Camp Waypoint to Captain Bragen
Captain Bren to Champion Bandit Bruiser
Champion Bandit Foreman to Chief Kronon
Chief Odupdop to Collect siege weapon pieces for Crusader Blackhorn
Collect skale eggs for Assistant Chef Victor to Cotton Pants Lining
Cotton Pants Panel to Custom Arena Time Token
Custom PvP Arenas to Defeat Xolotl
Defeat Xolotl in a battle to Defense (statistic)
Defense Contract to Disguise yourself as a Separatist and attack the Flame Legion hideout
Disguised Order Agent to Drive Angelan's bandits out of Skrittsburgh Center
Drive Malchor to the Altar of Tempests to Eidola Truesight
Eidolon to Engineer Slicktalon
Engineer Snaretooth to Explorer Satu
Explorer Savio to Fight life-stealing minions in Hellion Forest
Fight off intruding pests so the assistant can stabilize the machine to For Science
Forage to Gabriette
Gadd's Last Gizmo to Get Ready for WvW Spring Tournament 2014
Get Warmaster Chan to Shank Anchorage before the troops' morale breaks to Godforged Flame Caller
Godforged Hellstorm to Guard Barthol
Guard Dilys to Harvester
Harvester's Glade to Help Kyra Sharptracker
Help Laelia return to her settlement to Hooligan's Route
Hooligan's Route/Before Festival of the Four Winds to Improved Scout's Mask
Improved Shattering Bolt to Irving
Irwin Isle Waypoint to Kari's Hot Spot
Kari Wahlgren to Koda's Fire
Koda's Gift to Leap Finisher
Leap attack to Light Scepter of Air
Light Steeleye Chestpiece to List of warrior skills
List of warrior traits to Magister Maresta
Magister Nithne to Master Strategist
Master Strategist Rego to Mighty Bronze Greatsword (Master)
Mighty Bronze Greatsword (Simple) to Minor Rune of the Mesmer
Minor Rune of the Mesmer (Master) to Mortt
Mortus Verge to Nightmare Vine Worm Loot Box
Nightmare Warder to Onyx Shard
Onyx Sliver to Pact Officer Veros
Pact Operation Southern Advancement to Phasmatis Prospect
Phasmatis Waypoint to Poka
Poke to Priory Scribe
Priory Scribe Aeda to PvP Koda armor
PvP Koda armor (heavy) to Rampager's Warhorn
Rampager's Winged Armor to Recipe: Chorben's Greatbow
Recipe: Chorben's Harpoon Gun to Recipe: Tonn's Herald
Recipe: Tonn's Impaler to Reprogram
Repulsor Bolt to Rockfur Raccoon
Rocklair to Sapphire Dye
Sapphire Heart to Sclerite Axe Skin
Sclerite Dagger Skin to Seraph Supplies
Seraph Sword to Shoot (Devourer Tonic)
Shoot (Dredge Sonic Rifle) to Skritt Neutralizer
Skritt Nobility Emblem to Soren
Soren Draa to Starbower Nursery
Stardust to Straya Doomslayer
Stream Dye to Superior Sigil of Serpent Slaying
Superior Sigil of Smoldering to Target the Weak (engineer master)
Target the Weak (necromancer) to The Rootangles
The Rowanwoods to Tlamualli
ToT to Tray of Omnomberry Bread
Tray of Omnomberry Compote to Unidentified Grey Dye
Unidentified Orange Dye to Veruta Beefhawker
Vervain to Vial of Liquid Flame
Vial of Liquid Karma to Wardens
Warding Circle to Willing Captives
Willoo to Yak's Bend Waypoint
Yakkington's Armor to √Čibhear Finn
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