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"Assassin" to Agent Brandubh
Agent Briathell to Angvar's Trove
Angvar's Trove (guild puzzle) to Ascalonian Elementalist
Ascalonian Emblem to Axiquiotl
Ayes to Bauxite Alchemicals
Bay Haven to Bleeding
Bleeding Shot to Bowl of Meaty Wurm Surprise
Bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream to Brutal Shot (harpoon gun skill)
Brutal Shot (rifle skill) to Carrion Linen Insignia
Carrion Mithril Imbued Inscription to Champion Settler Instigator
Champion Sharky the Destroyer to Citrus Dye
Citrus Ice Dye to Confusing Enchantments
Confusing Images to Crimson Plateau
Crimson Tide to Darksteel Rifle Barrel
Darksteel Shield to Defeat the strange foe that came through the haunted door
Defeat the strange foe that came through the haunted door (group ev... to Destroy the Molten Alliance tunneling machine
Destroy the Nightmare Court's thorn wolves to Dorsal Fins
Dorul to Dungeon Master
Dungeon Merchant to Elite Toxic Husk
Elite Toxic Hypnoss to Escort the trading post caravan to Claypool
Escort the weapons transport to Lasciate Gate on Orr to Farzan Steelshaper
Fashion to Flame Turret
Flame Turret (object) to Furious Rally
Furious Reaction to Gate Piece
Gate Researcher to Gliga
Glimm to Greenflin Seraph Vest
Greenlake to Hammer of the Dragon's Deep
Hammer skills to Heavy Whispering Helm of Infiltration
Heavy Whispering Leggings to Hidden in Darkness
Hidden thief to Ice Wurm Venom Trap
Ice block to Invaders armor/Heavy
Invaders armor/Light to Judgement Harpoon
Judgement Rock to Kill the owl griffon sire to claim your trophy
Kill the rampaging jungle troll to Lapis Lump
Lapis Nugget to Life Siphon
Life Transfer to List of hearts in Plains of Ashford
List of hearts in Queensdale to Maelstrom's Core
Maelstrom Strike to Martyr
Martyr's Tomb to Metal Gauntlet Lining
Metal Gauntlet Plates to Miniature Orange Tabby Cat
Miniature Orrian Baby Chicken to Molten Protector
Molten Ratnik to New Skrittstead
New York Comic Con to Old Man
Old Man (Auld Red Wharf) to Overgrowth Bonus Tier 01
Overgrowth Bonus Tier 02 to Permanent Golden Dolyak Finisher
Permanent Golem Pummeler Finisher to Plated Coat Skin
Plated Gauntlets Skin to Primordus Warhorn
Primordus weapons to PvP Country Gloves
PvP Country Mantle to Rabbit Reward Chest
Rabbit Token to Recipe: Assassin's Intricate Gossamer Insignia
Recipe: Assassin's Intricate Linen Insignia to Recipe: Speargun
Recipe: Spicy Marinated Mushroom to Repel the hostile ogres trying to destroy Degun Shun's animal pen
Repel the invading dragon forces to Rock Pile
Rock Solid to Sapphire
Sapphire Crystal to Seeker's Pants
Seeker's Pants (Master) to Sharpened Axes
Sharpened Edges to Signet of Stamina
Signet of Stone to Smoothing Winds
Smudged Charcoal Map to Spinel Nugget
Spinel Silver Amulet to Stem Dye
Sten Veilshredder to Summer
Summer Grass Dye to Swoop
Swoop (Become the Raven) to That Had to Burn
That Old College Try to Thorn Dock
Thorn Mastiff to Total Makeover Kit
Totem to Troy Baker
True Gods to Valoric Short Bow
Valoric Sword to Veteran Murellow
Veteran Muttanjeff Marrowmash to Volfen Spirit
Volley to Whiskers
Whisper's Healer to Wren Longbow
Wren Mantle to √Čibhear Finn
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