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"Assassin" to Agent Briathell
Agent Britte to Angvar's Trove (guild puzzle)
Animal to Ascalonian Clergy Vestment
Ascalonian Clergy Vestments to Axe Token
Axe Training to Battle of Kyhlo
Battleground to Blasted Sepulchre
Blasting Staff to Bowl of Hummus
Bowl of Ice Cream Base to Brown Bear
Brown Cow to Carnivorous Appetite
Caromi Scout to Champion Risen Krait Priest
Champion Risen Lich to Circle of Light (Infused)
Circle of life to Condition Crash
Condition Damage to Creator Jixi
Creator Pixtor to Darksteel Greatsword
Darksteel Greatsword Blade to Defeat the krewe leader at Aquabase Terror-Seven
Defeat the largos assassin to Destabilized
Destiny's Edge to Domesticated Moa
Domhan to Dual Wield Agility
Dual Wielding to Elexia Lightalloy
Elexus Shredskin to Escort and defend alliance workers sent to build a watchtower
Escort and defend workers sent to rebuild the guard tower to Fangfury Watch
Fansite to Flame Legion Armor
Flame Legion Axe Fiend to Frost Spirit
Frost Trap to Gamescom
Gamescom (2009) to Giver's Green Inscription
Giver's Intricate Gossamer Insignia to Greatly Inspired
Greatsaw Greatsword Skin to Half Melted Amulet
Halfmad's Mug to Heavy Bag of Trinkets
Heavy Bag of Trinkets/Drop rate to Heritage Warboots
Heritage Warhelm to Hylek Armor
Hylek Blowgun to Inquisitor's Shoes
Inquisitor Torbon to Jixxi
JoAnna to Kill the Flame Legion before they complete their ritual
Kill the Flame Legion before they uncover an ancient warhorn to LS
LUM-0009 to Len
Leopard's Snarl Shrine to Lionguard Short Bow
Lionguard Spear to Luvis Gutslit
Luxon to Mantra of distraction
Mantra of recovery to Mender Aine
Mender Glyndowr to Mini Pets
Mini Pets (Special) to Mobility
Mocha Dye to NCsoft
NPC to Occam's armor
Occam's weapons to Orrian Spear
Orrian Speargun to Peck (Moa Morph)
Peculiar Pig to Pirates
Pirates Peg Leg to Precise Strikes
Precise Wrack to Prowler Mask
Prowler Pants to Quaggan Egg
Quaggan Finisher to Realm Avenger
Reanimator to Recipe: Iron Legion's Gloves
Recipe: Iron Legion's Helm to Reinforced Scale Gauntlets
Reinforced Scale Helm to Risen Catapult
Risen Charr Pirate to SE
SE armor to Scribe
Scribe Aletta to Shadow Protector
Shadow Pursuit to Sigil of Bloodlust
Sigil of Bursting to Slice of Garlic Bread
Slice of Grub Meat to Spatial Surge
Speak to a snowman to begin playing to Steam-Touched Coat
Steam-Touched Garb to Strong Readings
Strong Scale Boots to Supply Removal Trap
Supply Sack to Tatsu Farkill
Tattered Armor to The Stingray
The Stone Sheath to Tokkra of Iron
Tomaris Blackbane to Tray of Strawberry Cookies
Tray of Strawberry Pies to Unspoken Curse
Unstable Dredge Cannon to Veteran Earth Elemental
Veteran Ebon Knight Moith to Vigil weapon
Vigil weapons to Wayfarer's
Wayfarer's Amulet to Wolfborn Pistol
Wolfborn Rifle to Zinkk
Zinn's Data Crystal to √Čibhear Finn
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