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"A Dragon Primer" by Ogden Stonehealer to Adventurer
Adventurer's Mantle to Aliyana's Haunt
All to Apothecary's Mantle
Apothecary's Mithril Imbued Inscription to Arundon Leather Gloves
Arundon Light Gloves to Attack (Devourer Tonic)
Attack (Eagle Tonic) to Baldur Kjerstrum
Balfouris Humancleaver to Beaded Greataxe (skin)
Beaded Harpoon Shooter to Black Lion Trader (Armorsmith)
Black Lion Trader Express to Book Of Knowledge: Asura Starter Boss
Book Of Rabid Deeds to Box of Nomad's Draconic Armor
Box of Piranhas to Brozon
Brud to Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed/dialogue to Ceremonial Morning Star (skin)
Ceremonial Morningstar to Champion Vassar
Champion Vassar Loot Box to Choir bell
Choke Canyon to Cobalt Antique Herald
Cobalt Antique Impaler to Cook's Outfit (container)
Cook's station to Crewman Rhinart
Crewmaste Chaterlay to Cyriethan
DANGER to Defeat Aquabase Terror-Seven's massive pet, Fluffy
Defeat Azalus Poisontongue to Defend Lightbringer Swordshatter and Legionnaire Bloodsword
Defend Lionguard Lindi as she searches for buried treasure to Destroy the Risen catapults on Snipe Hill
Destroy the Risen fish assaulting Sandycove Beach to Dolorous Vale
Dolphin to Dredge Rifle
Dredge Rifleman to Eagle Mail (skin)
Eagle Raptor to Elite Focus
Elite Great Jungle Wurm Larva to Enraged Dolyak
Enraged Shark to Explorable mode
Explorable zone to Feast of Chickpea Fritters
Feast of Chickpea Salad to Fireworks
Fireworks Launcher to Forceful Greatsword
Forceful Shot to Furnace Reward armor
Furniture to Game updates/2014-11-05
Game updates/2014-11-06 to Gift of Candy Corn
Gift of Color to Glyphic Longblade (skin)
Glyphic Longblade Skin to Greatbow of the Sunless
Greatbow of the Sunless (skin) to Guild Short Bow
Guild Short Bow (skin) to Handcrafted Yew Rod
Handcrafted gritted bayonet to Heavy Arcon Helm of Dwayna
Heavy Arcon Leggings to Help the Lionguard keep the Cuatl hylek in check
Help the Lionguard protect the road through the Icesteppes to Horia Dociu
Horle to Ilex (skin)
Illa to Inquest weapon
Inquest weapons to Jalis' Pauldrons
Jalis' armor to Karchev
Karen to King Toad's Focus (skin)
King Toad's Focus Skin to Krytan Sword
Krytan Sword (skin) to Leg Shot
Leg Specialist to Light Loot Bag
Light Mace to List of Ascended equipment
List of Ascended trinkets to Luais
Lucas to Maim the Disillusioned
Main to Mass Invisibility
Massey's Gauntlet to Mentor's Tome of Knowledge
Mentor Arduine to Mini Monkey King
Mini Mordrem Husk to Mistlock Instability: Last Laugh
Mistlock Instability: Lethargic to Mordrem Teragriff Kidney
Mordrem Teragriff Spleen to Necromantic Corruption
Necromatic Corruption to Noxin Dells
Noxious Castrum to Ooze
Ooze (NPC) to Outrider's Mask
Outrider's Mask (level 60) to Peacemakers Headquarters
Peach to Pile of Ascalonian Herbs
Pile of Bloodstone Dust to Plunckdu
Plunder Hold to Prevent skritt from stealing supplies
Prevent tar elementals from destroying the water processing machines to Protect Shadowclaw from Flame Legion assassins
Protect Shaemoor's drinking water from bandits to PvP Hawk Trident
PvP Hawk weapon to Queldip Gauntlets
Queldip Gloves to Rawhide
Rawhide Boot Sole to Recipe: Crystal Scroll
Recipe: Crystallized Nougat to Recipe: Morbach's Visor
Recipe: Morbach's Warfists to Recipe: Verata's Breastplate
Recipe: Verata's Breeches to Rending Curse
Rending Gravel to Rigg
Right-Hand Strength to Ruins of Oldgate
Ruins of Orr to Satchel of Celestial Emblazoned Armor
Satchel of Celestial Exalted Armor to Sclerite Greatsword (skin)
Sclerite Greatsword Skin to Separatist Fighter Loot Box
Separatist Marksman to Shaman's Norn Staff
Shaman's Norn Trident to Shrug It Off
Shrunken Head to Sjoerd
Sjoerd (risen) to Sneakpaw's Warhorn (masterwork)
Sneakthief Coat to Special Plant
Special Root to Static Assault Knight Power Core
Static Calibration to Stop the skritt burglar before it escapes with the treasure
Stop the skritt from stealing Vanguard equipment to Sunny glade
Sunnyhill to Swig of Liquid World Experience
Swim to Taunt (Mini-Golem)
Taupe Dye to The Loreclaws
The Lost Chieftain's Return to Throw Net
Throw Ooze to Torstein
Torstvedt Homestead to Tribal Torch (skin)
Tribal Trident to Underworld
Unending Autumn to Veldrunner Breastplate
Veldrunner Breeches to Veteran Giant Thorn Wolf
Veteran Giant Wind Rider to Vigil's Honor (level 30) weapons
Vigil's Honor Axe to Walk the Plank
Walkers of the Lich to Weapon swap
Weapon swapping to Wintersday Greatsword Skin
Wintersday Hammer Skin to WvW First Place Reward Chest
WvW Laurel merchant to Zones by level
Zookeeper to √Čibhear Finn