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"Assassin" to Agent Aunva
Agent Ava to Anders Wulffson
Andile to Arterium Haven Waypoint
Arthropoda to Autto
Autumn Dye to Barrier Camp
Barrier Camp Waypoint to Black Lion Collections
Black Lion Delivery Agent to Bow String
Bow of Frost to Brencis Quickblood
Brenda to Candy Corn Cookie
Candy Corn Elemental to Chainmail Armor (personal story reward)
Chainmail Chausses to Charrzooka
Charrzooka (consumable) to Cloth Oxbow Aquabreather of the Rata Sum
Cloth Pants to Copper Pot Dye
Copper Rabbit Chest to Crusader Deborah
Crusader Deeta to Death Curse
Death From Above to Defend Plagan Swordrend as he repairs the turrets
Defend Pochtecatl as he travels to gather griffon eggs to Devastating Shattering Shot
Devastating Shot to Drakkitoka
Drama Llama to Earth Elemental Hand
Earth Magic to Embroidered Coin Purse (personal story reward 10)
Embroidered Cotton Insignia to Evergreen Coat (personal story reward)
Evergreen Dye to Feast of Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Feast of Horseradish Burgers to Flame Legion Pants
Flame Legion Pauldrons to Frost Dye Kit
Frost Dye Kit/Drop rate to Game updates/September 2012
Game updates/September 2013 to Gizmo
Gizor to Grawl Supply Sack
Grawl Thief to Guthmarr
Guthrud to Head Scientist
Head Shot to Help Tholaun rescue Miss Mipp
Help Tolona Ironrustler to Hronk's Breastplate
Hronk's Breeches to Increase Octave
Indignant to It's Time for a Promotion
It's a Mad King's World to Karma Booster
Karma Gift Box to Kodan Scepter
Kodan Shield to Leather Beetletun Chestpiece
Leather Boot Sole to Light Rubicon Shoes
Light Scepter to Litany of Wrath
Lith Corpsedancer to Magitech Medium Armor Skin
Magitech Shoulderpads Skin to Master Ranger Nente
Master Sdias to Mighty Apprentice Shortbow (Master)
Mighty Blow to Minor Rune of the Mad King
Minor Rune of the Mesmer to Mortar Shell
Mortar Shell Propeller to Nightmare armor (medium)
Nightmare weapon to Onmuro
Onnoir to Package of Sacred Plant Food
Packaged Antitoxin to Pewter Dye
Phalanx Heavy-Armor Skin to Plush Griffon
Plush Griffon (NPC) to Priory's Historical Mask
Priory's Historical Pants to PvP Flamberge
PvP Flame Legion armor to Ragamuffin Bandana
Ragamuffin Cape to Recipe: Bloodsaw Leather Work Pants
Recipe: Bloodsaw Leather Work Shoulderpads to Recipe: Occam's Carrion Inscription
Recipe: Occam's Carrion Insignia to Refugee Child's Drawing
Refugee Child's Drawing (Lion's Arch) to Rime's Garden
Rime Moraine to Rush (Snowball Mayhem)
Rushioo to Scallywag Greaves
Scallywag Helm to Sentinel Legionnaire Armorstrike
Sentinel Legionnaire Frazarblade to Shattered Aegis
Shattered Concentration to Signet of undeath
Signet of vampirism to Sneakpaw's Warhorn (masterwork)
Sneakthief Coat to Spiral Waypoint
Spire of the Sunless to Stomp (Glyph of Elementals skill)
Stomp (Kegball) to Sunnyhill
Sunnyhill Tower to Synergetic Light Attunement
Synergetic Light Construct to The Concordia Incident
The Crossing to Throw Elixir R
Throw Elixir S to Toxic pollen
Toxin Dye to Twilight Assault/Preview
Twilight Assault (achievements) to Vapor Blade
Vapor Form to Veteran Mark I-B Golem
Veteran Mark III Golem Loot Box to Virrum Willbreaker
Virtue to Weapon Set
Weapon Strength to Wool Shoulderguard Padding
Wool Trouser Lining to Zodiac Greatsword Skin
Zodiac Hammer to √Čibhear Finn
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