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"Assassin" to Aeronotics Lab
Aeronotics Labs Medal to Amber Copper Amulet (Master)
Amber Copper Ring to Araxx Strongstride
Arbor's Embrace to Ascended Spire
Ascended Trident to Axe Blade
Axe Mastery to Barca's Gambit
Barca's Gambit (level 26) to Beryl Platinum Amulet (Rare)
Beryl Platinum Earring to Blue World Border (disambiguation)
Blue World Citadel to Bowl of cauliflower sautee
Bowl of clam chowder to Broken Fang
Broken Flute to Canthan
Cantia Fatestealer to Centurion Bloodsplatter
Centurion Brinstar Keenmind to Champion Vined Cache
Champion Vita Vitalgore to Chris Lye
Chris Swick to Colin Johanson
Colin Johanson Answers Your Dynamic Event Questions to Core of Flamestrike
Core of Poison Nova to Crusader
Crusader's Hammer to Darksteel Dagger Blade
Darksteel Dagger Hilt to Defeat the champion (Champion Ice Imp)
Defeat the champion (Champion Ice Wurm, Dredgehaunt Cliffs) to Deldrimor Steel Rifle Barrel
Deldrimor Steel Shield Backing to Disabling Shot
Disabling Shot (harpoon gun skill) to Dream of Dreams
Dream of dreams to Dwayna's Embrace (exotic)
Dwayna's Embrace (fine) to Eliminate destroyer forces on the volcano's south side
Eliminate the bandit lieutenant to Enraged Shark
Enraged Spider Queen to Explorer Deacon
Explorer Dearg to Feeding Frenzy (effect)
Feeding Frenzy (monster skill) to Flame Legion Battles
Flame Legion Blademaster to Foxfire
Foxfire Cluster to Gallery of weapons
Gallo to Genius Boots (skin)
Genius Ceejla to Gloop
Gloria to Grasping Jungle Tendril
Grasping Vines to Guild Item Research
Guild Karma Banner to Handful of Trail Mix
Handheld Disaster to Heavy Helm Token
Heavy Horns of the Dragon Skin to Help the skritt experimenting in Skrittsburgh Tunnels
Help the wardens in Wychmire Swamp to Hronk's Tassets
Hronk's Trident to Improved Southwatch Torch
Improved Spirit-Weapon Duration to Irena Airblade
Irenic Shoal to Josh Foreman
Josh Petrie to Kick (drowning)
Kick (elementalist) to Kralkachocolate Bar
Kralkatorrik to Leather Scrap
Leather Scraps to Light Aurora Gloves
Light Aurora Helm to List of armor sets
List of ascended equipment to Lump of mithrillium
Lump of raw ambrite to Major Sigil of Hydromancy
Major Sigil of Ice to Maurtea
Mausollus to Mighty Bronze Rifle (Simple)
Mighty Bronze Rifle (simple) to Ministry Guard
Ministry Guard (NPC) to Molten Oscillator
Molten Pistol to Naddoddur
Nadine McKee to Northern Shelf
Northern Shiverpeaks to Opal Mithril Ring of the Explorer
Opal Orb to Owl Tonic
Owl Waypoint to Penetrating Krytan Sword
Penetrating Krytan Torch to Pinnacle Pistol Skin
Pinnacle Reaver (skin) to Potatlan
Potatlan's Axe to Priory Leggings (heavy)
Priory Leggings (light) to PvP Banded armor
PvP Barbarian's Amulet to Queen's Gauntlet
Queen's Gauntlet Entrance Ticket to Rawhide Leather Scrap
Rawhide Leather Section to Recipe: Embellished Ornate Emerald Jewel
Recipe: Embellished Ornate Opal Jewel to Recipe: Sinister Pearl Crusher
Recipe: Sinister Pearl Handcannon to Ree Soesbee
Reed to Return
Return (Halloween 2012) to Royal Ascalonian Warhorn
Royal Ascalonian weapon to Sapphire Mithril Ring of the Cleric
Sapphire Orb to Scholar Lott
Scholar Maddox to Sentry Steppes
Sentry Triktiki to Shard Volley
Shard of Crystallized Mists Essence to Sigil of Justice
Sigil of Karka Slaying to Skyshrine Scratch
Slab of Moa Meat to Son of Svanir
Son of Svanir Trapper to Spooky Luka the Disbeliever
Spooky Skeleton Tonic to Stick Slap
Stick and Move to Sturdy Tailor's Tools
Sturdy Weaponsmith's Backpack to Suspicious Activity
Suspicious Barrel to Tarnished Chest
Tarnished Coast to The House of Riannoc
The House of Rionnac to Throw Ore
Throw Plank to Tower of Nightmares (achievements)
Tower of Nightmares (point of interest) to Trinity Dagger
Trinity Focus to Unstable Light
Unstable Nightmare Husk to Verata's Grips
Verata's Guise to Veteran Mordrem Husk
Veteran Mordrem Husk Offshoot to Vimm
Vincent Dye to Warmspring Grotto
Warmth to Widyre
Wiebe to Wupwup Claymore
Wupwup Doublet to Zojja's armor
Zojja's weapons to √Čibhear Finn