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"Assassin" to Aetherized Mantle
Aetherized Mantle (heavy) to Ana Feldarken
Anaa Baneblade to Arena Vendor
Arenanet to Assist the Seraph at Shaemoor Garrison
Assist the chaos krewe to Banana Cream Pie
Banana Dye to Bell Tower (area)
Belladonna to Blubla
Blubloop to Bowl of mushroom risotto
Bowl of orange coconut frosting to Bronze Harpoon Head
Bronze Helmet Casing to Captain Trixx
Captain Underheim to Champion Brackish Skale
Champion Branded Devourer Queen to Chat link format/0x0C codes/Back skins
Chat link format/0x0C codes/Weapon skins to Cloth Shoe Upper
Cloth Shoulders to Cooking
Cooking Spoon to Crucible of Eternity Dungeon Track
Crucible of Eternity Token Loot Box to Darksteel Mace
Darksteel Mace Head to Defeat the enraged troll king
Defeat the escaped Separatist Leader to Deputy Mavronos
Deputy Mira to Dociu Excavation
Dociu Waypoint to Drive the harpy flock from the dam
Drive the invading karka out of Morgan's Spiral to Einhänder
Eir to Enforcer's Shotgun
Eng to Explorer Campbell
Explorer Casta to Feritas Waypoint
Feritax Fatalshot to Flame and Frost mail
Flame and frost to Frost Portal
Frost Revel to Game updates/2014-05-23
Game updates/2014-06-03 to Gift of might
Gift of music to Grakora Ossterdottir
Grallis Crushspecter to Guild Karma Boost
Guild Karma and Experience Banner to Hawkgates Waypoint
Hawp to Help Maxtar Rapidstep capture dolyaks
Help Me to Honor of the Waves Dungeon Track
Honor of the Waves Token Loot Box to Illustrious armor
Illustrious armor (heavy) to Iron Dagger Blade
Iron Dagger Hilt to Jump Shot (Hunger Royale)
Jump Shot (Snowball Mayhem) to Kill the grawl shamans before they complete their ritual
Kill the grawl shamans to disrupt the summoning ritual to Lady Bower
Lady Claire to Legionnaire Shattershield
Legionnaire Shield to Lionguard-Issue Sword (crafted)
Lionguard (Dragon Bash) to Lord Arrin
Lord Beetlestone to Major Rune of the Adventurer
Major Rune of the Afflicted to Matrix Cube Key
Matrix Imprint Lock to Mighty Crude Shortbow (Simple)
Mighty Crude Staff to Minor Rune of the Flock
Minor Rune of the Forge to Morbach's Shoulderguard
Morbach's Striders to Nightmare Alpha Hound
Nightmare Axe to Ogre Weapon Rack
Ogre Weaponrack to Ossian Longtooth
Ossuary Crypts to Peg Leg (NPC)
Peg Leg Screw to Pirate Captain's Gloves
Pirate Captain's Hat to Power Matrix
Power Overwhelming to Protect Scholar Detti on the way to the power source
Protect Scholar Penta while she examines the scriptures to PvP Priory armor (light)
PvP Priory armor (medium) to Rappatat
Raptor to Recipe: Coalforge's Claymore
Recipe: Coalforge's Flanged Mace to Recipe: Tasty Wurm Stew
Recipe: Tateos's Cleric Insignia to Rending Kick
Rending Lunge to Risen Noble
Risen Pirate to SE story
SKTR-0100 to Scallions
Scallywag Chest to Senna
Sentinel to Shaman Ursel
Shaman Velja to Sigil of Superior Battle
Sigil of Superior Blood to Slugg
Slugger to Sp
Spade of the Deep to Statue of Dwayna
Statue of Dwayna (NPC) to Strike (Cattle Prod)
Strike (Crowbar) to Superior Sigil of Peril
Superior Sigil of Purity to Talon
Talon Bladedancer to The House of Kahedins
The House of Malomedies to Thump-em-ups
Thumper Turret to Toy Tosser
Toy Ventari to Turret
Turret (environmental weapon) to Valkyrie Winged Tunic
Valla Holmgard to Veteran Grawl Shaman
Veteran Grawl Shaman (Edge of the Mists) to Vigil Sword
Vigil Tactician to Warmaster Grast
Warmaster Grayson to Will McDermott
Willa to Wvw rank
Wvw rankings to Éibhear Finn
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