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Southsun Mask

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Southsun Mask.png

Southsun Mask

Item type
Soulbound on Use
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Trading post
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Southsun Mask.jpg

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Mysteriously washed ashore during the karka attacks. Has delicate carvings of unknown origin.

— In-game description

This item was originally a Town Clothes head piece but with the removal of Town Clothes it has become an armour skin for all three armour classes. Players that have the town clothes version of the item (it may be "invisible" but still equipped) can exchange it with a Black Lion Trader (Armorsmith) (found in all capital cities near the Trading Post) for a consumable item which can be applied for free to any headgear. Account binding a single skin will unlock all three armor classes in your wardrobe.

[edit] Acquisition

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