Source of the Issue

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"Where life goes, so too, should you"

Source of the Issue

1325 AE
The Teachings of Ventari
Venlin Vale
(Brisban Wildlands)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari
"Where life goes, so too, should you"
Preceded by
Biography Where Life Goes.png An Unknown Soul
Followed by
Biography Where Life Goes.png Snuffing Out Embers

Source of the Issue is part of the personal story for sylvari characters who have selected "Where life goes, so too, should you" as the most important of Ventari's teachings, and who selected Caithe's plan to uncover Malyck's origin.


Meet Malyck and Caithe at Venlin Vale.

  • Travel to Venlin Vale.
  • Follow Malyck as he retraces his steps.
  • Defeat the Nightmare Courtiers.
  • Proceed down the river as Malyck begins to remember.
  • Examine the strange seedpod.
  • Defeat the Nightmare Courtiers.


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All professions


  • Be prepared as this quest can be very challenging due to the numerous amount of enemies spawning all together in one place with limited space for the player to move and evade.
  • After defeating the first group of nightmare courtiers near the river, the green mark on your map will change location, but if you just turn back and head there nothing will happen and the quest will not progress. Instead of walking, you have to swim into the river towards the marker (you will not be able to reach the marker, while swimming). Eventually, the marker will change to its proper location and you will be able to continue the quest.
    The path in the water to the objective
  • Be careful not to exit the instance area as there is limited space to swim through and there are lots of Skales in the river. Swim toward and under the bridge and through the skales. Do not attempt to fight the skales inside the water, as they quickly heal themselves and they can become very deadly.
  • You can easily kill any skale chasing you at the land near the two golems. Try to pull the skales at the side (I went to the right side) in order to kill them without aggroing the group of nightmare courtiers or you will end up facing numerous foes at once.
  • DO NOT aggro the two golems as they have a lot of health and they will finish you in a few hits. Do not worry though, as the golems will not attack you even if you are fighting the group of nightmare courtiers near them, unless you hit one of the golems.
  • If the group of Nightmare Courtiers near the golems is defeated, but you end up dead, every time you return to the river you can skip the skales by simply swimming and ignoring them. They will stop chasing you after covering some distance.
  • NOTE: It is possible to avoid fighting all of the above groups by walking on the pathway above the river until you reach the point where the river disappears behind a rock. Jump down to the river here and you can swim directly to the last objective.
  • You will find the last objective near the end of the river. When you trigger the objective and the cutscene ends you will face another group of courtiers that will spawn near you. This fight can be very hard with very little dry land to move on. You do not want to be in the water during the fight. The easiest way to kill this group of courtiers is to swim to a rock ledge a little ways back down the river. If you make it to this ledge before the courtiers spawn, you will then be able to swim back and agro them. Pull the courtiers back to the ledge and jump up. The courtiers will not follow you up but will fire at you from the water. Focus on one courtier at a time and use ranged attacks to kill him. If you are getting low on health, walk further back on the rock ledge and you will be shielded from incoming attacks.
  • The Knight can be easily killed also using ranged attacks as he will not move from his position.
  • Fighting the courtiers face to face when they are outside the water, can be very hard and should be avoided, as the nightmare warriors can deal incredible damage in a matter of seconds.
  • Another tactic is to shoot from the place where you started the quest near the bridge, above the river and aim down at the nightmare courtiers using ranged weapons. Note that this might not work with all ranged weapons or spells, as some have a very short range.





Upon speaking to Caithe:

Caithe: Malyck is most interesting. His tale reminds me of some of my first discoveries when I began to explore Tyria. Speak with him, and we'll begin.
Talk end option tango.png

Upon speaking to Malyck:

Malyck: Caithe is a strange conversationalist. She has so many questions, and gives so few answers.
Talk quest option tango.png
That's Caithe for you. Tell me, is this the bridge you remember?
Yes. There's a path to the river. Follow me. I'll lead you as best as I remember.
Talk quest option tango.png
I'll be right behind you.

Upon Malyck remembering:

Malyck: I remember this mushroom patch. A skritt crushed them underfoot when I was last here. We should head to the river.
Talk end option tango.png
Good Memory!

Upon arriving at the river (non-cinematic):

Malyck: The nightmare court found the place before we did. How do you want to handle it?
Caithe: We kill them-painfully.
Malyck: Caithe, you and I are going to get along just fine.

Upon defeating the nightmare court:

Malyck: These foul courtiers are a bad sign. We must hurry. Head upriver till you see a cave.
Talk end option tango.png
I'll take the lead. Stay close.

Upon arriving at Malyck's Pod (non-cinematic):

Malyck: There it is. The pod in which I awakened. That's where my life began.
Malyck: That's my pod. Judging from your expression, I assume there's something wrong about it?
Caithe: Yes. Everything is wrong about it.
Knight of Embers: Don't listen to her. It is magnificent.

Cinematic confronting the Knight of Embers:

Knight of Embers: There he is! The harbinger. Success! All that is left is to bring him before the Duchess Faolain.
Malyck: You are one stubborn weed, lady, and you're doing a bang-up job of getting on my bad side.
Malyck: Who are you, and why do you want me?
Knight of Embers: I am the Knight of Embers. I was born dreaming of you, and it has been my life's ambition to draw you into nightmare.
Malyck: Why? Why do you want me so badly that you would waste lives just to capture me?
Knight of Embers: Because you are the key to our freedom from Ventari's false laws. Your coming marks the turn of the tide between Dream and nightmare.
Knight of Embers: With your appearance, the truth grows ever closer. Come, the grand duchess awaits in the Venlin Vale.
Malyck: She can keep waiting. We destroyed your courtiers-you'll do no better. Defeat me if you can!

Prior to fighting the Knight of Ember's courtiers:

Malyck: You'll die, like all those who harm my friends!
Caithe: Quickly, eliminate them, and protect the pod.

After the fight with the courtiers:

Knight of Embers: You fight well, harbinger, but you will be even stronger in nightmare!
Knight of Embers: You may have the upper hand today, harbinger, but I will keep hunting you. I will never give up!

Cinematic after the Knight of Embers flees:

Malyck: The Knight of Embers is a fool. Whatever this "nightmare" is, it led her to obsession and madness. Is your "Dream" the same?
<Character name>: No. The Dream is a vision of hope and a feeling of purpose. It guides us toward the light, not into evil.
Malyck: I wish I could say that I understood the difference, but I don't.
<Character name>: So, Caithe? Can you tell how this pod got so far from the Pale Tree?
Caithe: That is not the right question. Ask instead, "How did this pod get so close to the Pale Tree?"
<Character name>: I don't understand. What do you mean?
Caithe: I must speak with the Mother Tree-but first we must be certain that the Knight of Embers does not report to Duchess Faolain. If she studied this pod, as I did...
<Character name>: But what about Trahearne-we were to meet him at the Pale Tree.
Caithe: We have no time for meetings or explanations. The Knight of Embers must be stopped.
Malyck: Then we head to Venlin Vale-and to battle. Let us end this knight's threat once and for all.

Additional dialog options after completion:

Caithe: We can't allow the Knight of Embers to carry this news to the Nightmare Court. I'll send word to Trahearne. We'll need his help to stop her.
Talk end option tango.png
Malyck: The Knight of Embers said I was her Dark Hunt. Caithe has often mentioned her Wyld Hunt. Are these the same?
They are like Night and Day. Our Wyld Hunts benefit Tyria. Their are destructive.
How certain of that are you?
Talk more option tango.png
You only need to see what the courtiers do to know they are nothing like us.
I'll bear that in mind. You've been kind, while those courtiers bring suffering. So I can agree.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm glad.
The two concepts share origins, but ours come from the Dream. Theirs spawn from the Nightmare
I do not wholly understand the difference, but I see that it means a great deal to you.
Talk more option tango.png
You have seen the terrible things courtiers do. Let that be any proof you require.
I'll bear that in mind. You've been kind, while those courtiers bring suffering. So I can agree.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm glad.
You have much to learn. The Dream guides us. Reach out, and it may guide you as well.
I have tried, but to no avail. Your "Dream" eludes me, and I'm left wonder if it and nightmare are the same.
Talk more option tango.png
They are not. Those courtiers are evil. The firstborn are good. This is the truth.
I'll bear that in mind. You've been kind, while those courtiers bring suffering. So I can agree.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm glad.
Talk end option tango.png
No Malyck. But we'll save it for a larger discussion...some other day.

My story[edit]

Source of the Issue.jpg

Caithe, Malyck, and I discovered Malyck's pod in Venlin Vale. Although it was similar to those from the Pale Tree...there was something very different about it. The Knight of Embers discovered this information as well, and now we must stop her before she carries that news to the Nightmare Court.

My story


The story can bug after the cutscene after examining the strange seedpod, setting the flag back to "Follow Malyck as he retraces his steps".