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Skritt Burglars are female skritt mesmers that hide in a chest that appears randomly in certain locations.

When a player opens the chest, she will sometimes transform the player into an animal, which grants them an achievement, and the event Stop the skritt burglar before it escapes with the treasure will immediately start. Players must then defeat her to complete the event, but she will run around, avoiding combat, often leading players into hostile foes. When hit, she will sometimes drop loot bags that will stay on the floor for a while, so players can safely ignore them and focus on the event until the Skritt Burglar is defeated or escapes, then backtrack their steps to look for the loot bags and open them. These loot bags will have a distinctive purple glow so they can be easily noticed. If defeated, she will drop the big bag she carries around, which will have several items.


The animal you can get turned into, and thus the related achievement, depends on the area the special chest appears in:

Following are the locations where the chest has been known to randomly appear (it will never be in all these locations at the same time):

Behind the Mask[edit]

Chicken Scramble[edit]

A Waddle to Remember[edit]

Llama Drama[edit]

Jackaloping Along[edit]


  • Immune to crippling effects.
  • Turns players into helpless critters.


You can increase your chances of getting achievements in following ways:

  • Equip ranged Basic quality weapon and lose all traits and sigils/runes that can apply any kind of damage over time condition (and if you can - lower your critical chance). You will hit Burglar many times more and your chance of getting transformed will get much higher.
  • Play in the morning when maps are much less populated. Opening chest triggers the event and can attract some unaware players that will want to simply kill the Burglar.
  • Play in a party of 2-3 people and when looking for the Burglar's chests locate on different spawn points, (but on same map, when chest spawns you or your party won't have to load new map to teleport to chest). This will save you a lot of money, you won't need to teleport all the time to check all the spawn points.


  • She is permanently under an unremovable Stability effect.
  • The API currently lists 85 events of the Skritt Burglar.