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Sinister Triad

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The Sinister Triad is a term coined by the Seraph, Wardens, and Peacemakers referring to the alliance negotiations between Bandits, Inquest, and Nightmare Court in Brisban Wildlands.

It is also used specifically in reference to three individuals leading these negotiations; Bandit Chief Thorne, Operative Comakk and Ebon Knight Carriadar.

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[edit] Trivia

  • The Sinister Triad is being opposed by Seraph, Wardens and Peacemakers from the Triforge Point – a reference to ArenaNet's original name when it was founded, Triforge.
  • The three leaders of the sinister triad is a reference to group composition known as "holy trinity", in which all party members take the role of either dealing damage, tanking or healing. The leaders of sinister triad possess these traits as abilities: Bandit Chief Throne "Deals Damage" while Operative Comakk "Heals" and Ebon Knight Carriadar "Tanks." This could also be seen as refence to Guild Wars 2's attempted abolition of the traditional "holy trinity" roles and replacing them with damage, support and control aspects of combat.
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