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Siege Master

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A Siege Master is an NPC in World versus World that sells blueprints of siege weapons.

[edit] Locations

Siege Masters are located near the asura gates at each team's base, and also in towers and keeps with the Hire Siegemaster upgrade.

[edit] Items offered

Item Rarity Type Price
Flame Ram Blueprints.png  Flame Ram Blueprints BBasic Blueprint Silver coin or 6 Badge of Honor.png
Arrow Cart Blueprints.png  Arrow Cart Blueprints BBasic Blueprint Silver coin or 6 Badge of Honor.png
Ballista Blueprints.png  Ballista Blueprints BBasic Blueprint 10 Silver coin or 10 Badge of Honor.png
Catapult Blueprints.png  Catapult Blueprints BBasic Blueprint 12 Silver coin or 12 Badge of Honor.png
Trebuchet Blueprints.png  Trebuchet Blueprints BBasic Blueprint 24 Silver coin or 24 Badge of Honor.png
Alpha Siege Golem Blueprints.png  Alpha Siege Golem Blueprints BBasic Blueprint Gold coin or 100 Badge of Honor.png
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