Sharpened Thorns

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Sharpened Thorns

1325 AE
Overlake Haven
(Giant's Passage)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari
Choosing an Order
Preceded by
A Splinter in the Flesh
Followed by
The Blossom of Youth
Secrets in the Earth

Sharpened Thorns is part of the Sylvari personal story for characters who choose Branthyn's plan during A Splinter in the Flesh. As a member of the Vigil, Branthyn prefers to defend the Haven with force and an army of soldiers.

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Sharpened Thorns (Level 30)

Defend Overlake Haven from the Risen.

  • Meet Branthyn near Overlake Haven.
  • Defeat the undead attacking Branthyn.
  • Assault the undead at Overlake Haven.
  • Protect the Haven.
  • Order the Lionguard squads to defend key positions.
  • Hold the keep until Vigil reinforcements arrive. / Time remaining: 3:00
  • Rendezvous with the Vigil.
  • Defeat the remaining Risen.
  • Destroy the Veteran Abomination.

Report back to the order representatives.

  • Speak with the Pale Tree.
  • Decide your next course of action.


All professions


When you start the mission you will see some zombies attacking Branthyn. Kill them and talk to her.

Go to the fort, and kill the zombies outside. Then clear the courtyard of zombies. Talk to the guards there, and they will tell you that their commander is a zombie.

Arrange the defences by talking to the three people with green stars over their heads. After this, the first zombie attack waves will come from the east.

I went out the gate to see what was happening outside. They locked the gate behind me so i was trapped outside. If you don't want to be outside with the zombies, make sure you stay inside the fort after ordering the defences.

Outside the fort white circles will appear where the cannons are firing. The cannons will easily slaughter many zombies. Just stay alive and you are sure to win this part of the mission.

After a few waves the Vigil troops arrive. Then the final wave of zombies arrives. In this wave, you have to beat a veteran abomination. If it lies down on the ground and starts zooming towards you, dodge. If it gets all sparkly yellow lines around its weapon get ready to dodge. Once the abomination is dead, you win.

Teleport back to the Grove and talk to Pale Tree, Trahearne, etc, to decide what to do next.

At the end of the mission you have to decide how to find out what happened to Riannoc and the sword Caladbolg.





Upon arrival at the Pale Tree.

<Character name>: I have good news, Mother Tree. Overlake Haven is safe, and the undead have been driven away.
Trahearne: Valiant, I was told about the strange undead you saw on the battlefield. I think I can help you.
Trahearne: The creature sounds like a lich. From the description I was given, I think I can identify it as Mazdak the Accursed.
Avatar of the Tree: Mazdak the Accursed? I know that name. One of my firstborn, Riannoc, went to destroy Mazdak many years ago.
Avatar of the Tree: I armed him with a thorn from my own bough, a mighty sword named Caladbolg. Both were lost, never to return to the Grove.
Avatar of the Tree: Herald, it seems you have a chance to discover the fate of my lost son and perhaps even avenge Riannoc's death.
Cai: Legend says that Riannoc chose a human to be his squire. If that squire survived, the Order of Whispers could find him.
Cai: The Order is very good at tracking people down - even when they don't want to be found.
Iowerth: Untrustworthy, as always. I have an alternate suggestion. As you may know, the Durmand Priory specializes in researching and recovering lost knowledge.
Iowerth: This sounds like an exciting opportunity to experiment with a ritual we've uncovered. If cast, it lets you witness the last moments of a person's life.
Trahearne The mystery of Riannoc's death has pained the sylvari since the days of the firstborn. Knowing his fate would help to heal that wound.
<Character name>: Branthyn? Does the Vigil have any suggestions?
Branthyn Information-gathering isn't our strong suit. Instead, I'll go ask my superiors how to kill a lich. I'll meet you back here when you're done.
Avatar of the Tree: Very well. Herald, the choice is yours.


The decision here is NOT the final decision for any order. It will introduce the orders in the follow up quests.

The subtitles for Branthyn's last line say "Information-gathering", but the voiceover says "Gathering information".

My story[edit]

Sharpened Thorns.jpg

Overlake Haven was saved, but I saw a strange and terrible creature among the undead. No one there had ever seen anything like it. I wonder what that portends?

I returned and told the Pale Tree about the creature I saw. Trahearne believes it is a lich called Mazdak the Accursed. Mazdak was involved in the death of Firstborn Riannoc, the first sylvari to die. The Pale Tree had given Riannoc a magic sword formed from her own thorns, but with Riannoc's disappearance, the sword has never been found. The Pale Tree has asked me to recover the sword, Caladbolg, and find out what happened to Riannoc.

My story