Salvaging Scrap

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Loyal Soldier

Salvaging Scrap

1325 AE
Sins of the Father
Halrunting Plains
(Diessa Plateau)
Wodron Glens
(Diessa Plateau)
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr
Loyal Soldier
Preceded by
Biography Loyal Soldier.png Mired Deep
Followed by
Biography Loyal Soldier.png In the Ruins

Salvaging Scrap is part of the personal story for charr characters who chose their sire to be a Loyal Soldier and have completed Mired Deep and chose to negotiate with the scrappers.


Salvaging Scrap (Level 20)

Negotiate with the scrappers for the other half of the key.

  • Talk to the leader of the suspicious scrappers.
  • Confer with your warband.

Help the scrappers with their job.

  • Meet Isola and Braugit at Wodron Glens.
  • Follow Isola and Braugit.
  • Talk to Isola.
  • Defend the scrappers while they dig.


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All professions


Alone in the woods, you meet the two scrappers. As the three of you proceed to the digging site, Braugit reveals his fear of… cows. Not just any cows roam around the dig site, but Ghost Cows.

As the scrappers dig, you'll have to defend them from three, successively larger herds of cows. Be very careful of their charge attack. If they knock you down, they'll all gore you while you're down, making survival very difficult. Stability, minions, turrets, spirit weapons, illusions, or any other kind of distraction should help you survive. If your profession doesn't have any of these, hopefully you've mastered dodging, or else it's quite likely you'll find yourself defeated a couple times from the larger herds. Luckily, the cows don't attack the scrappers, so you can simply return and resume the fight if defeated. After three waves of cows, you'll face a Veteran Ghost Bull. Being only one of them should make dodging attacks much easier.

Once the the job is complete, the scrappers thank you and proceed to give you your half of the key, lampshading the subverted trope that they might be anything less than honest in their dealings with you.

Upon success, Inheritance Key is placed in your inventory.





At the Suspicious Scrappers:

<Character name>: I need scrappers for a salvage job. There's a treasure chest in Lamia Mire that I want found.
Braugit: You're wastin' your time, soldier. We got there first. We've got salvage rights.
<Character name>: That chest was my sire's. Your claim won't mean much when I open your necks. Now, are you willing to deal, or do I start killing?
Isola: Calm down, soldier. We'll give you what we found in the chest and withdraw our claim…if you help us with another job to make up for it.
<Character name>: Sounds fair. You deserve something for your trouble. I'm listening. Just don't make any more trouble for me.
Isola: We won't. Meet us in Wordron Glens, and we'll explain the job there. Too many prying eyes here at the haven.

At your warband survivor: (if Reeva)

Reeva: Call me crazy, but going off alone with a couple of scrappers to do scrapper work sounds…well, it sounds a lot stupider than you normally sound. no offense.
None taken. You can relax, Reeva. These two are no threat to me.
If I am being stupid and this goes wrong, I expect you to avenge me.
Reeva: Done! One vendetta, coming right up!
Talk quest option tango.png
Thanks. Now head back to the Citadel and I'll see you soon.
If I was offended, I wouldn't be offering you the brandy I stashed back at the barracks.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm still weighing my options. Stand by.

At your warband survivor: (if Dinky)

Dinky: Don't do it, boss. These jokers look like they'd steal the Khan-Ur's claw and sell it for bacon grease.
I made a deal, and I'm going to stick to it. That's final.
Dinky: Sure, sure. Just don't let 'em get behind you…or surround you…or linger in your blind spot…burn me, just keep 'em at a safe distance, okay?
Talk quest option tango.png
Consider it done. Now get back to the citadel. I'll meet you there.
If they betray me, I expect you to make them very, very sorry.
Dinky: Count on that! I'll load 'em into cannons and fire them at each other, point blank!
Talk quest option tango.png
That's what I like to hear. See you back at the citadel when this is all over.
You should just relax. And I've got brandy back at the barracks to help you do just that.
Dinky: Brandy? Don't think you can distract me with yummy treats. I mean, you can, but…oh, never mind. I need a drink.
Talk quest option tango.png
Then go get one, buddy. I'll see you soon.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm still weighing my options. Stand by.

At your warband survivor: (if Euryale)

Euryale: Sorry boss, but you going out there alone with these scrappers is unacceptable.
Accept it, Euryale. I'll be fine. These two couldn't take me in their wildest dreams.
Euryale: Fine. But if you come back in anything less than perfect health, I'm going to have a scrapper barbeque.
Talk quest option tango.png
Fair enough. I'll meet up with you back at the citadel.
I made a deal. But if it doesn't pan out, feel free to murder them in their beds.
Euryale: Oh, I will. But not for a long, painful time after I get my claws on them.
Talk quest option tango.png
Sounds like a plan. I'll see you soon.
Those are my orders. Now go back to the citadel and have a brandy. That's an order, too.
Euryale: All right. I'll go back, I'll relax, I'll have a drink. But I won't enjoy it.
Talk quest option tango.png
As long as you do it. See you soon.
Talk end option tango.png
Quit worrying. Nothing they can do will stop me from coming back.

At Isola in Wodron Glens:

Isola: Ready for work, boss? Here's the plan. There are Ascalonian artifacts under that rubble. We can't get 'em 'cause we keep getting attacked.
<Character name>: Attacked? By what?
Braugit: Don't laugh, okay? Okay? It's…it's cows! There, I said it! I dream about them coming for me in the night with their…their horrible death moos.
<Character name>: Cows. You're afraid of…cows.
Isola: Technically, these are GHOST cows. And don't pick on Braugit. He's got a thing about cows. And ghosts. So ghost cows are a real problem.
Isola: Look, your job is simple. Keep the ghost cows off us, and we'll get the artifacts.
<Character name>: And then you'll hand over the last part of my father's key? You're on, scrapper. Start digging, and leave the ghost heifers to me.

As you walk to the dig site:

Braugit: They're not far. I can hear 'em. Mooing…that awful, awful mooing!
Isola: So what if there's a few restless spirits 'round here. Ain't nothing you—uh—WE can't handle.

At the dig site:

Isola: This is the spot. Lemme know when you're ready.
Isola: Better watch yourself, boss. Ghost cows are a lot tougher than they look.
Talk quest option tango.png
Thanks for the tip.
Isola: This is the place. Start hammering. We need to get these stones cleared.
Braugit: But hammering will bring the ghost cows!
Isola: Just do it. Let the legionnaire worry about the cows.

After the first wave of cows is defeated:

Braugit: What's that? A ghost!
Isola: Mind on your work, Braugit! Keep digging!

After the second wave is defeated:

Braugit: Isola! Here come more cows! Help!
Isola: Think about something nice, Braugit. Like bunnies or something. You like bunnies, right?
Braugit: I do! Bunnies don't moo!

After the third wave is defeated:

Braugit: I hear a cow coming! Make it go away!
Isola: We've got it covered, Braugit. Trust the legionnaire to protect us.

After the veteran ghost cow is defeated:

Braugit: I got the loot! We're rich!
Isola: That's great, Braugit. Thanks for your help, Legionnaire. Here's your key, just like I promised.
Isola: Don't look so surprised. What, did you think we were going to cheat you just because we're scrappers? We're smarter than that. Well, some of us are.
<Character name>: Good. We're even, and I'm leaving. Listen, if you two ever come back to the Black Citadel, let me know and I'll buy you a drink. A whole meal, in fact.
<Character name>: There's a ranch just outside the city. Fresh meat! What do you say, Braugit? How does a big, juicy steak and a glass of warm milk grab you?
Braugit: Aaaaah!

My Story[edit]

Salvaging Scrap.jpg

I struck a bargain to get my sire's key back. In return for my help with a salvage operation, the scrappers Isola and Braugit will return what's mine.

I protected the scrappers from ghost cows while they dug up their salvage. They returned the second half of my sire's key, and now I have to reach Grendich Ruins and claim my inheritance.

My story