Reaper's Gate

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Reaper's Gate

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Reaper's Gate map.jpg
Map of Reaper's Gate

Reaper's Gate locator.svg
Location within Lornar's Pass

Reaper's Gate is a small canyon and temple to Grenth north of False River Valley and south of the Lake of Lamentation. It holds a statue within that once allowed access to the Underworld and is now overrun with creatures from the Mists.

Getting There[edit]

There is a tunnel full of Grubs southwest of the Steam Mechagate Point of Interest. Heading south through the tunnel leads you to Reaper's Gate.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Points of Interest
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Skill Challenges



Modus Sceleris


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Crafting Resources[edit]

Resource nodes[edit]


  • The Shades and Aatxes here do not progress the kill variety Daily achievement.
  • Using the /kneel emote anywhere near the commune point for Grenth's Door grants the Grenth's Blessing boon, which gives 28% chance to steal life on critical hits, and +10 experience per kill for 5 minutes.