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Racial sympathy refers to each playable race's relations with the minor races of Tyria. These relations directly determine the available choices during the personal story; the minor race the player chooses to assist will determine the course of the level 50 arc of the story. There are five minor races that can be supported.

Once a choice is made the character's race does not affect the story's details: the storyline for the grawl is the same for an asura and a norn player. The story will then continue with the aided NPC showing up to help whenever needed.

Choices by character race[edit]

The available choices are as follows:

Minor race NPC Starting mission Asura Charr Human Norn Sylvari
Grawl Gara Doubt 1Yes 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No
Hylek Ikniu Champion's Sacrifice 1Yes 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Ogre Lagula Untamed Wilds 0No 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No
Quaggan Shashoo Bad Ice 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No 1Yes
Skritt Ftokchak Rat-Tastrophe 0No 1Yes 1Yes 0No 1Yes


Grawl dwell in the the Shiverpeak Mountains and Ascalon. Humans seem to dislike the grawl due to their relations and past alliances with the charr, while sylvari are simply too new a race to have developed any formal contact with the distant grawl tribes.


Most greater races are ready to assist the friendly hylek tribe. The charr refuse to do so due to the charr society's past enslavement by the Flame Legion and their false beliefs and gods; the hylek are fiercely religious people.


Ogres are towering hunters, allowing the norn to easily relate to them. The ogre people have only been encountered in Ascalon, and thus they make for sensible allies for the neighbouring charr.


Quaggans are peaceful creatures, and their unwillingness to fight makes all but norn and charr willing to assist them. While quaggans also live in the Shiverpeak Mountains, the charr are specifically stated to not have dealings with quaggans due to Ascalon being an inland region.


Asura detest skritt and would refuse to genuinely aid them. The norn are not willing to help the skritt either; the reasoning for this could perhaps be their huge difference in size or other cultural differences.


  • Characters of any playable race can unlock minor races normally not available to them by playing with friends of other races. If these friends have chosen the desired unavailable minor race, players can accept credit for their mission progress, effectively unlocking their friend's chosen minor race, no matter the restrictions above.
  • If, for some reason (such as minimizing repetition while viewing as much content as possible), you want go through both player races and minor races once each, a possible ordering is:
    • As an asura, side with the grawl.
    • As a charr, side with the ogres.
    • As a human, side with the quaggans.
    • As a norn, side with the hylek.
    • As a sylvari, side with the skritt.