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PvP Masquerade armor

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Human female
Human male

PvP Masquerade armor is a PvP reward that can be acquired from Wolf reward chests or the Mystic Forge.

This armor has a unique appearance that isn't available in PvE, but it uses a name similar to Masquerade armor.

Female concept art by Donald Phan.
Male concept art by Donald Phan.

[edit] Mystic Forge Recipe

PvP Masquerade armor
Output qty.
Req. rank
30 (Wolf)


This recipe will randomly make one of the following:

  1. PvP Masquerade armor
  2. PvP Priory armor (light)
  3. PvP Stately armor

[edit] Set Pieces

Item Name Slot Armor
Skill.png PvP Masquerade Mask Head Light
Skill.png PvP Masquerade Mantle Shoulder Light
Skill.png PvP Masquerade Raiments Chest Light
Skill.png PvP Masquerade Gloves Hand Light
Skill.png PvP Masquerade Leggings Leg Light
Skill.png PvP Masquerade Boots Foot Light

[edit] Gallery

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