Prison Guard

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Prison Guards are Ebon Vanguard soldiers tasked with watching over prisoners in the Ebonhawke prison.



Talking to the Prison guard closest to the rock face
Between you and me, guard duty here is better than watching the underground cells, where we keep our hardcore prisoners. At least you get fresh air up here. And the cells only have drunks.
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Talking to the Prison guard next to the wall
We don't get a lot of tourists here, but feel free to look around. Just don't get too close. The cells mostly hold folks who had too much at the bar, but some of them can get dangerous.
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Thanks for the warning.
Talking to the female Prison Guard
Visiting someone? Just don't get close to the cells. Most of this lot are drunken disorderlies, but some can be violent.
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I can handle myself around some petty thugs. I'll be okay.
Talking to the female Prison Guard making the rounds
Sorry, I can't talk know. I need to keep an eye on the prisoners.
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