Plaza of Dwayna

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Plaza of Dwayna

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Plaza of Dwayna map.jpg
Map of Plaza of Dwayna

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Location within Divinity's Reach

Plaza of Dwayna.jpg
Plaza of Dwayna

The Plaza of Dwayna is one of the six plazas within Divinity's Reach. It is connected to the exit to Queensdale.


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Dwayna Waypoint —
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Priestess of Dwayna

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Seraph Soldier: Another day, another gold piece.
Seraph Soldier (2): Could be worse. I'd rather stand here all day playing tour guide than chase down four-legged crowbait.
Seraph Soldier: I hate centaurs.
Seraph Soldier (2): Horses are for riding. Who wants a pet that talks back?
Seraph Soldier: Pirates.
Seraph Soldier (2): Shouldn't you be on patrol?
Seraph Soldier: See you later.
Seraph Soldier: Lost?
Citizen: I need supplies.
Seraph Soldier: Merchants are that way. You can't miss them.
Citizen: Thanks. Where can I get a stiff drink?
Seraph Soldier: Tavern's in the city's southern half. Keep your ears open for the sound of angry drunks. You'll find it.
Seraph Soldier: If you pass the shooters, you've gone too far.
Citizen: You put a shooting range next to a tavern?
Seraph Soldier: Only one fatality this week.
Friendly Citizen: Good evening, little lady.
Explorer: I've traveled very far to get here. It's very dirty, isn't it?
Friendly Citizen: Dirty?
Explorer: The filth. The crime. The danger! It's nothing like the Grove.
Citizen: Praise the Six!
Citizen: Ran into an asura. Called me a bookah. I think she was hitting on me.
Citizen: Met a sylvari the other day. Curious lot, they are.