Plaza of Dwayna

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The Plaza of Dwayna is one of the six plazas within Divinity's Reach. It is connected to the exit to Queensdale.


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Dwayna Waypoint —
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Priestess of Dwayna

Ambient Dialogue[edit]

Conversation between two Serpah Soldiers.
Seraph Soldier: Another day, another gold piece.
Seraph Soldier (2): Could be worse. I'd rather stand here all day playing tour guide than chase down four-legged crowbait.
Seraph Soldier: I hate centaurs.
Seraph Soldier (2): Horses are for riding. Who wants a pet that talks back?
Seraph Soldier: Pirates.
Seraph Soldier (2): Shouldn't you be on patrol?
Seraph Soldier: See you later.
Conversation between a citizen and a Seraph Soldier.
Seraph Soldier: Lost?
Citizen: I need supplies.
Seraph Soldier: Merchants are that way. You can't miss them.
Citizen: Thanks. Where can I get a stiff drink?
Seraph Soldier: Tavern's in the city's southern half. Keep your ears open for the sound of angry drunks. You'll find it.
Seraph Soldier: If you pass the shooters, you've gone too far.
Citizen: You put a shooting range next to a tavern?
Seraph Soldier: Only one fatality this week.
Friendly Citizen: Good evening, little lady.
Explorer: I've traveled very far to get here. It's very dirty, isn't it?
Friendly Citizen: Dirty?
Explorer: The filth. The crime. The danger! It's nothing like the Grove.
Citizen: Praise the Six!
Citizen: Ran into an asura. Called me a bookah. I think she was hitting on me.
Citizen: Met a sylvari the other day. Curious lot, they are.