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Disambig icon.png This article is about a crafting material. For the consumable item, see Plank (consumable).

A plank is a type of refined crafting material, obtained by refining logs at a crafting station. A plank may be crafted into weapon components or further refined into dowels which are used to create insignias.

[edit] Recipes

The standard recipes for making planks is:

1 Plank = 3 Logs

[edit] Planks

Plank Skill Level to refine Logs used
Green Wood Plank.png Green Wood Plank - 3 Green Wood Log.png Green Wood Log
Soft Wood Plank.png Soft Wood Plank 75 4 Soft Wood Log.png Soft Wood Log
Seasoned Wood Plank.png Seasoned Wood Plank 150 3 Seasoned Wood Log.png Seasoned Wood Log
Hard Wood Plank.png Hard Wood Plank 225 3 Hard Wood Log.png Hard Wood Log
Elder Wood Plank.png Elder Wood Plank 300 3 Elder Wood Log.png Elder Wood Log
Ancient Wood Plank.png Ancient Wood Plank 400 3 Ancient Wood Log.png Ancient Wood Log
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