Permanent Hair Stylist Contract

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Permanent Hair Stylist Contract

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Double-click to bind this item to your account.

— In-game description




This item continues to drop from Black Lion Chests, despite the fact that the original announcement stated it would only do so through August 12, 2014.


  • Despite persistent rumors that this item dropped from Black Lion Chests, there was only a single source until July 29, 2014.
    • Originally, it dropped only from the Wintersday Mystery Box, a consumable similar to the BL chest. The box was only available in the Gem Shop during the first Wintersday celebration. As a result, un-bound versions of this item became so rare that none were seen listed on the Trading Post between December 2013 and July 2014.
    • This item was announced to be added as a "very rare drop" from Black Lion Chests from July 29, 2014 to August 12, 2014.
    • Despite the stated time limit, the item continues to drop from Black Lion Chests.

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