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Nightmare weapons

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Nightmare weapons are Fexotic weapons sold by Valiant Saeraquel at Fort Marriner, Lion's Arch in exchange for Deadly Bloom.png Deadly Blooms. They are given as rewards for completing the Twilight Arbor dungeon in explorable mode.

These items share appearance with PvP Nightmare weapons.


[edit] Attributes

Each weapon comes in three varieties, with three attributes each.

Each comes with an inherent Superior Sigil of Dreams.png Superior Sigil of Dreams (+10% Damage vs Nightmare Court)

Attribute combinations
Primary Secondary
+ Condition Damage.png Condition Damage + Precision.png Precision + Toughness.png Toughness
+ Precision.png Precision + Power.png Power + Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
+ Healing Power.png Healing Power + Precision.png Precision + Vitality.png Vitality

[edit] Weapons

Hand Weapon
Main hand Nightmare Axe.png Nightmare Axe
Nightmare Dagger.png Nightmare Dagger
Nightmare Mace.png Nightmare Mace
Nightmare Pistol.png Nightmare Pistol
Nightmare Scepter.png Nightmare Scepter
Nightmare Sword.png Nightmare Sword
Off hand Nightmare Focus.png Nightmare Focus
Nightmare Shield.png Nightmare Shield
Nightmare Torch.png Nightmare Torch
Nightmare Warhorn.png Nightmare Warhorn
Terrestrial Nightmare Greatsword.png Nightmare Greatsword
Nightmare Hammer.png Nightmare Hammer
Nightmare Longbow.png Nightmare Longbow
Nightmare Rifle.png Nightmare Rifle
Nightmare Short Bow.png Nightmare Short Bow
Nightmare Staff.png Nightmare Staff
Aquatic Krytan Speargun.png Nightmare Speargun
Glyphic Spear.png Nightmare Harpoon
Whisper's Secret Trident.png Nightmare Trident

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