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Disambig icon.png This article is about the engineer weapon. For other uses, see Mortar (disambiguation).


Not available underwater  0.5½ Activation time  120 Recharge time  30 Skill point  

Engineer tango icon 20px.png Engineer (skill list)
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Build a stationary mortar that you or your allies can fire.

Stability 40px.png3 Stability: 3 s
Radius.png Boon Application Interval: 3 seconds
Duration.png Duration: 120 s
Range.png Range: 1,400

— In-game description [?]

Skills and description[edit]

Manning the mortar replaces your weapon skills with the following weapons skills.

Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Launch Mortar Shot.png
 Launch Mortar Shot
0 2 Launch an explosive round from your mortar, damaging foes in the target area.
Launch Caltrops Mortar.png
 Launch Caltrops Mortar
0 12 Launch a mortar round that spreads caltrops in the target area, bleeding and crippling foes who walk through.
Launch Elixir.png
 Launch Elixir
0 15 Launch a mortar round that heals allies in the target area.
Launch Ice Mortar.png
 Launch Ice Mortar
0 20 Launch a mortar round that chills foes in the target area.
Launch Concussion Barrage.png
 Launch Concussion Barrage
0 30 Launch a barrage of rounds that pushes back foes where they land.

Related traits[edit]



  • Like turrets, mortar skills cannot critically hit.
  • A player could use the mortar in between stability-granting intervals to gain 3 stacks on use and another 3 stacks under three seconds.
  • All stability is lost when the player stops using the mortar.
Skills gained while using Mortar properly reflect the range increase from Elite Supplies but the Mortar skill itself does not.
  • Traits which affect turrets do not affect Mortar, but Tool Kit skills can be used to repair it.
  • Mortar skills cannot glance.
  • A Mortar skill still in midair when the Mortar expires will also disappear.