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Mellaggan's Grotto

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Mellaggan's Grotto

Waypoint (map icon).png
Point of interest.png
Skill point.png

Mellaggan's Grotto map.jpg
Map of Mellaggan's Grotto

Mellaggan's Grotto locator.svg
Location within Timberline Falls

Mellaggan's Grotto interior.jpg
Interior map

Mellagan's Grotto is an underwater cave containing a quaggan village.


[edit] Locations and objectives

Waypoint (map icon).png
Okarinoo Waypoint
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Point of interest.png
Irenic Shoal
Skill Challenges
Skill point.png
Jumping Puzzles
Puzzle tango 20.png
Coddler's Cove
Event shield (map icon).png
Prevent krait from kidnapping Okarinoo quaggans (60)
Event shield (map icon).png
Rescue the kidnapped quaggans before they reach Sipedon Deeps (60)
Event fist (map icon).png
Spar with the quaggan commander to help train his troops (60)

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

[edit] Services

[edit] Foes


[edit] Notes

The waypoint doesn't seem to appear if the Prevent krait from kidnapping Okarinoo quaggans event is active.

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