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Mad King's Clock Tower (jumping puzzle)

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Shadow of the Mad King
This content was introduced in Shadow of the Mad King and was subsequently made available for Halloween.

Mad King's Clock Tower

Mad King's Clock Tower (jumping puzzle) map.jpg
Map of Mad King's Clock Tower

Mad King's Clock Tower.jpg
Mad King's Clock Tower

Mad King's Clock Tower is a jumping puzzle of the area of the same name and resides in the Mad King's Realm. It was available during Halloween 2012, and has been reopened for the Halloween 2013 event.


[edit] Getting there

Enter through any Haunted Door with a pumpkin icon. Talk to the Lunatic Boatmaster and select to go to the clock tower. There you will arrive at the Mad King's Tower Dock. This serves as a hub for groups waiting to start the jumping puzzle. The dock will teleport the player to the start of the puzzle and start a timer.

[edit] Walkthrough

Youtube.png Search YouTube for videos related to Mad King's Clock Tower (jumping puzzle).

[edit] Reward

[edit] Notes

  • The normal chests will reset after a few minutes, the magnificent chest resets per completion, but will offer no reward after the per day reward is obtained.
  • On some occasions, the player is teleported back to the start right when they reach Mad King's Tower Belfry.
  • On some occasions, the player may fall through the green vortex without being sent back to the docks immediately.
  • On some occasions, the player may be teleported to the sea and will be force to map out in order to return to the docks.

[edit] Trivia

  • Joshua Foreman built this map, he estimated "maybe 5% of people would make it to the top."[1]
  • Skeletal hands will start grabbing at you once the vortex gets close.
  • The clock tower was first introduced with the October 22nd, 2012 update, as part of the Shadow of the Mad King release.
  • It was added back into the game with the October 15th, 2013 update, as part of the Blood and Madness release.
    • The update also added a new mechanic similar to culling that changed the appearance of other players' character models into small, blue wisps while they were doing the puzzle. This was in response to a widespread issue experienced during the previous year where large norn and charr characters were obstructing the view of other players.
  • This is the only jumping puzzle that has its own activity-style instance.

[edit] References

  1. ^ Joshua Foreman Video Comment, Youtube

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