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Lost Orrian Jewelry Box/Drop rate

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This page is for recording items received from the Lost Orrian Jewelry Box. The values at the bottom of the page, i.e. the totals and averages, are updated automatically.

This table has been setup to use a manual total for each line - i.e. the number of boxes opened. This allows you to write down the initial number of boxes, open them all, and then count up the number of items you have received.

To add data, edit the page and copy the referenced new line format at the end of the table. If you already have a line, edit that instead.

Lost Orrian
Jewelery Box
Drop of Liquid Karma.png Taste of Liquid Karma.png Vial of Liquid Karma.png Swig of Liquid Karma.png Obsidian Shard.png Charged Lodestone.png Pile of Putrid Essence.png Unidentifiable Object.png Charged Potion.png Cold Potion.png Hard Potion.png Warm Potion.png Mini Risen Priest of Balthazar.png
Items opened Drop of Liquid Karma Taste of Liquid Karma Vial of Liquid Karma Swig of Liquid Karma Obsidian Shard Lodestones Pile of Putrid Essence Unidentifiable Object Charged Potion Cold Potion Hard Potion Warm Potion Mini Risen Priest Signature
User entries
25674 32557 7418 2933 3175 3922 724 57 77009 21 8 6 14 251
25674 32557 7418 2933 3175 3922 724 57 77009 21 8 6 14 251  
Per container: 1.268 0.289 0.114 0.124 0.153 0.028 0.002 2.999 0.001 0 0 0.001 0.01

[edit] Notes

  • On average, you should gain about 2,468 Karma.png each time you open a box. (i.e. 54.2% of the karma cost of a Lost Orrian Jewelry Box.)
  • The average number of Cold and Hard Potions received per box appears to be zero due to rounding combined with their low drop rates.
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