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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Edge of Destiny.

Though in battle we fight for our homes, our gods and our queen... nothing can break our spirit.

— Logan Thackeray

Captain Logan Thackeray is a human guardian and the current Commander of the Seraph at Divinity's Reach. Logan is the descendant of the heroes Gwen (of the Ebon Vanguard) and Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray. He once had an older brother, Dylan. When Dylan died, Logan accepted his brother's sword and the ideals of being a hero. As a young man, Logan became enthralled by Queen Jennah and made a pledge to serve her. Together, they shared a magical bond, which allowed Logan to know if Queen Jennah were ever in danger so he could come to her.

This bond was the downfall of Destiny's Edge. Just as the group was about to fight Kralkatorrik, Jennah summoned Logan to defend her in Ebonhawke from the dragon's minions. He came to his Queen's defense and saved her, but at a cost. One of Destiny's Edge, the asuran Snaff, was killed, and the Elder Dragon was victorious. There are those in Destiny's Edge who hold Logan indirectly responsible for Snaff's death, and these are feelings that Logan shares. However, loyalty and love for his Queen is his first concern. He currently holds a position as her personal champion in Divinity's Reach.


Maguuma Jungle
Ruins of Orr

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Living World Season 1
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"I'm busy at the moment. Direct your queries to Lieutenant Groban."
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