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List of standalone weapons

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This article is a list of standalone weapon and weapon skins, which have unique skins that can't be found in any weapon set.


[edit] Crafted weapons

[edit] Skill weapons

[edit] Conjure weapons

[edit] Phantasm weapons

[edit] Spirit weapons

[edit] Legendary weapons

[edit] Crafted Halloween weapons

[edit] Other crafted weapons

[edit] Loot weapons

[edit] Champion loot bag weapons

[edit] Other loot weapons

[edit] Limited-availability skins

[edit] Halloween weapon skins

[edit] Shadow of the Mad King

[edit] Blood and Madness

[edit] The Lost Shores

[edit] Battle for Lion's Arch

[edit] Limited weapons

[edit] Gem Store

[edit] Other weapons

[edit] Hall of Monuments

[edit] See also

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