Lines of Communication

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Lines of Communication

1325 AE
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
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Test Subject
Field Test
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Setting the Stage

Lines of Communication is part of the personal story of asura characters. It is selected by becoming a member of the Order of Whispers in the previous mission.


Lines of Communication (Level 30)

Broadcast Professor Gorr's theory across Rata Sum

  • Meet Agent Batanga and Professor Gorr in the Interdisciplinary Accessium
  • Knock out one of the Peacemakers guarding the golem console
  • Speak to Agent Batanga to get another dose of amnesia gas
  • Protect Batanga while she reprograms the golems
  • Defeat Rakt
  • Talk to Councillor Flax in the upper chambers


All professions


  • Join Agent Batanga and Professor Gorr at the Inquest Recruiting Station on the lower level of Rata Sum. After a cut scene, Agent Batanga will provide some Incapacitating gas that can be used to disable the (2) Peacekeeper guards protecting the outer console. Once disabled, Professor Gorr will use the console to bypass the defense systems and re-program the golems to broadcast the famous message. During this process, unfortunately, two of the Golems will be activated and will attack. After defeating them, another cutscene will ensue, with Rakt spouting his nonsense, and incriminating the Arcane Council in the conspiracy to suppress Professor Gorr's data (to their own profit). Following this scene, Rakt attempts to follow through on his threat to kill everyone who knows. After defeating Rakt, you need to proceed to the base of the Council chambers and confront Councillor Flax and his allies, (Councillor Ludo and Councillor Zudo) who confirm your conspiracy fears, and dismiss you as "inconsequential". This ends this story chapter.






Agent Batanga: Ready to enter the world of epic espionage? Ready to outintrigue a master spy like Rakt? It all starts here at the Peacemaker headquarters.
Professor Gorr: I'm ready. I may not be a covert operative like you, but if you can get me inside, I can reprogram Rata Sum's golems to transmit my message.
Agent Batanga: That's the spirit. First we need to neutralize the guards and secure the area. And for Professor Gorr's sake, let's do so swiftly and suavely.
<Character name>: I can do suave. Just go easy on the clever jokes, all right? Groaning in disgust tends to impede my natural grace.
Agent Batanga: You wound me! I'll have you know, wordplay of that caliber takes an enormous amount of work.
<Character name>: Then you should take a sabbatical. Right now, I'm only interested in repurposing those golems.
Zojja: The Savant's right. Rakt will be here as soon as he figures out what's going on. We need to move, and move quickly.

While Professor Gorr reprograms the golems:

Agent Batanga: These tools should help avoid unneeded casualties.
Agent Batanga: Look sharp. No telling what defenses these golems have. Gorr, you're with me.
Agent Batanga: Their defenses are more robust than I expected. Watch my back while I work.
Agent Batanga: Nice work. We're nearly there.
Agent Batanga: Watch it! Here comes another one.
Agent Batanga: We're on the air. Nothing can stop the signal now!
PM-700z: Professor_Gorr_Would_like_to_inform_you_that_dragons_consume_Magic. Thank_you.
Rakt: Halt! Nobody move.

Cinematic confronting Rakt:

Rakt: Stop right there. How did you dissidents bypass my security measures?
Agent Batanga: That's a trade secret, flatfoot. Though if you must know, we walked in. Then we walked all over your scheme to suppress Gorr's theory.
Rakt: No matter. When I'm done, your "revelation" will be dismissed as just more gossip. Oh, and by the way: you'll all be dead.
Agent Batanga: Now you're just being obvious. I used to respect the Arcane Eye as a worthy adversary in intrigue, but this is downright vulgar.
<character name>: You lost, Rakt. Even if you could kill us, what's the point? Oh, and by the way: you can't.
Rakt: The point is I have clear orders and a job to do. Oh, and I'm very, very good at my job. One way or another, this ends now.

Cinematic after defeating Rakt:

Professor Gorr: Victory! My theory is broadcasting to everyone in the vicinity, and the villainous Rakt received his comeuppance. Once again, you have my thanks.
<Character name>: We haven't won yet, Professor. The Arcane Council needs to know what Rakt was doing in their name.
Agent Batanga: Agreed. Although, I have the sneaking suspicion some of them already know. We'll see if I'm right.
Zojja: The Councillors are in their chambers on the top floor of the city. Let's go inform them of what their favorite secret policeman was up to.

Cinematic with the Arcane Council:

Professor Gorr: Here. You see, Councillor Flax? Everything I said is true! The Arcane Eye have been trying to supress[sic] my theory that the dragons are eating magic.
Professor Gorr: My correct theory, I might add. We now have proof that the dragons do consume magic.
Councillor Flax: We know, Professor. We've always known. Preparations are being made to exploit your "discovery" for Rata Sum's benefit even as we speak.
<Character name>: Then Rakt was working for you all along. You used the Arcane Eye to get Gorr out of the way so you could stifle the truth.
Zojja: You won't get away with this. We'll tell the world. We'll distribute Gorr's research. We'll--
Councillor Flax: You'll make a lot of shrill noise, as always. And as always, no one will listen or care. You're wasting the Council's time. This audience is over.


If you are doing this story with someone and s/he knocks out one or both Peacemaker Guards, the story will not advance to the next objective and you'll have to exit and restart the instance.

My story[edit]

Lines of Communication.jpg

For my first duty as an Order of Whispers initiate, I helped Agent Batanga reprogram Rata Sum's Peacemaker golems to broadcast Gorr's theory far and wide. Rakt tried to kill us, but we dealt with him...only to have Councillor Flax of the Arcane Council admit that the council knew Gorr's theory was true all along and had been stifling the information until they figured out a way to exploit it. Zojja told me she was heading for Lion's Arch to meet up with an old friend, and since my new Order of Whispers mentor is also waiting in Lion's Arch, I told her I'd look for her there.

My story