Imperator's Core

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Imperator's Core

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Black Citadel
Connects to
Perimeter Loop
The Bane

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Imperator's Core

The Imperator's Core is a large spherical structure that resides in the center of the Black Citadel. It overlooks the Bane and contains the offices of the Tribunes stationed in Ascalon, as well as the office of Imperator Smodur the Unflinching.


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Imperator's Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Ash Tribune Quarters (instance)
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Blood Tribune Quarters (instance)
Point of interest.png
Citadel Stockade (instance)
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Iron Tribune Quarters (inside The Command Core)
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The War Council (inside The Command Core)
Instance entrances
Ash Tribune Quarters
Blood Tribune Quarters
Citadel Stockade
The Command Core





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Comidus (Tier 1)
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Eliana (Tier 2)
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Map Commander Trainer Icon.png
Master Strategist Rego
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Weaponsmith (map icon).png
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Scyllix (Tier 3)
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Vitas Quickeye

Ambient Dialogue[edit]

Blood Legion Soldier: There's whiskey, and then there's charr whiskey. I once saw a human try to drink charr whiskey. Ha! He never got his voice back!
Citizen: Ah, rabbit jerky. That hits the spot.
Soldier: If you cannot kill an animal, blind it or break a leg. Make it regret fighting you.
Citizen: Why aren't we winning this war? Why isn't it over already?
Citizen(2): We need better leaders.
Citizen: What we need is a new Khan-Ur.
Citizen(2): Yeah, once we've got a Khan-Ur again, nothing's going to stop us.
Citizen: The city of ours is the greatest in the world. The pinnacle of charr achievement.
Adamant Guard: Well said, citizen, but we're not done yet.
Adamant Guard(2): Hardly. This is the greatest in the world, and it's only going to get greater.
Citizen: Sometimes I wish I was cut out for front-line duty, but like my primus always said: you can't pick your talents.
Blood Legion Soldier: We need to be careful how much we praise our engineering advances. Worship of anything, even technology, is utter madness.
Soldier: You hear anything from the front lines?
Soldier(2): Flame Legion's still fighting. The line's moving back. Slowly.
Soldier(3): We have to snuff them out once and for all and stomp on the ashes.
Citizen: This place is beautiful. Be even better without other races tromping here.
Soldier: Have you tried that new military-grade jerky they developed in Rata Sum?
Soldier(2): No. How is it?
Soldier: Too dry. Too thick. Not enough juice. Reminds me of bone.
Iron Legion Engineer: I was taught never to question orders.
Iron Legion Engineer(2): You were taught right. Fulfilling orders is your destination.
Iron Legion Engineer(2): Sometimes, however, you should question which road will get you there most efficiently.
Iron Legion Engineer(2): The most obvious one isn't always best.
Citizen: You're in the Blood Legion?
Blood Legion Soldier: I am. I fought with Rytlock himself on the front lines.
Citizen: Then I'm buying you a drink.
Citizen: I saw you at dinner last night. How you can eat that stuff?
Citizen(2): Meat's meat, and a charr's got to eat.
Soldier: Flame Legion's gone too far. They ought to have been wiped long ago.
Soldier(2): You know what they say: cut off a snake's head, and the body dies.
Soldier: Yeah. All we have to do is chop off Gaheron's head.
Citizen: Hrm, a little raw rabbit would hit the spot. It's a little bitter, but delicious.
Citizen: Give me what you have. Time is wasting.