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Below is a link to an Excel Spreadsheet. On this sheet is information for all servers to help you calculate the respawn times on the World Bosses: The Shatterer, Tequatl, and Claw of Jormag. Just read the directions and changes portion of the Spreadsheet and I request you to spread the word on the spreadsheet as well as update the date and time of the last kill. A special thanks to Korbben - Stormbluff Isle for creating the Spreadsheet, Laulani for info on 3 large chest events, and Etalel - Sorrow's Furnace for coding World Boss automatic respawn timer.

Here is the link. [1]

Enjoy!!! Do remember to spread the word. The more people we have updating and watching, the less zone spam we will have.

Etalel - Sorrow's Furnace TAG Edo.1095