Gargoyle Skull

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Gargoyle Skull

Req. level
Account Bound
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You have

A remnant of the presumed-extinct gargoyles.

+96 Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
+74 Toughness.png Toughness
+56 Precision.png Precision
+32 Healing Power.png Healing Power
Offensive Infusion Slot Unused Offensive Infusion Slot

— In-game description


Vendor Location Cost
Battle Historian Eternal Battlegrounds; Edge of the Mists; Green Borderlands; Red Borderlands; Blue Borderlands
200 WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.png
Guild Officer Royal Terrace; Havoc's Heir; Guild Initiative Headquarters Gold coin + 
12 Guild Commendation.png
Jocasta Hall of Memories 40 Laurel.png + 
50 Glob of Ectoplasm.png
Laurel Merchant Fort Marriner; The Upper City; Creator's Commons; Garden of Dusk; Memorial Quadrant; The Great Lodge; Havoc's Heir; Lost Agora Square; Commodore's Quarter 40 Laurel.png + 
50 Glob of Ectoplasm.png
Laurel Merchant Eternal Battlegrounds; Edge of the Mists; Red Borderlands; Green Borderlands; Blue Borderlands 40 Laurel.png + 
50 Glob of Ectoplasm.png
Scholar Glenna Spirit Vale; Salvation Pass; Stronghold of the Faithful
200 Magnetite Shard.png
 + 10 Gold coin
Tyrian Explorer Olread Trader's Forum Gold coin + 
12 Guild Commendation.png
  • Random drop from the weekly personal reward chest following completion of a Guild mission.
  • Random drop from the daily Tier 4 fractal chest.


Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Gargoyle Skull.
  • Gargoyle Skulls were often collected by Ascalonian necromancers from the corpses of gargoyles, a species that once inhabited Ascalon and Kryta, but mysteriously vanished around 1185 AE.