Free an Order of Whispers agent from pirates

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Free an Order of Whispers agent from pirates

Merchantman's Strait
(Bloodtide Coast)
Event type
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Dynamic event
Help spy on the Crafty Corsairs
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Free an Order of Whispers agent from pirates is a level 49 dynamic event that occurs in Merchantman's Strait.


  • Provoke a pirate mutiny.
  • Help the agents escape.
  • Prison cage
  • Event bar.jpg
  • Time limit: x:xx


This event starts with Fisherman Cass appears out of a closed tent in the village west of Stormbluff Waypoint. She swims across the channel to Merchantmans Strait and stands next to Fisherman Carter.

Defeat the Crafty Corsairs on the island to At this point player may give a trophy pirate outfit to Carter causing Cass to become Agent Cass (Disguised) to start the event. She moves to the cave entrance and has a dialog with the gatekeeper and the gate is opened.

Look for a torch at the back of the cave and use it to "light" the pirate bomb. It explodes and after some dialog a large fight breaks out. Break out the Whispers Prisoner from the cage and mop up any remaining pirates within the time limit to successfully complete the event.

Success leads to a small fight outside and the allies swim back over to Fisherman Carter. The prisoner becomes Agent Jensen, and limited merchant who disappears after a short while. Cass swims off to disappear inside her tent.

Reset time: Success = ~5 min Failure = ~15 min




Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 3,486
238 Karma.png Silver coin 18 Copper coin
Silver 2,963
202 Karma.png Silver coin
Bronze 2,615
179 Karma.png 89 Copper coin
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