Flower of Death

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Flower of Death

1325 AE
Justice for Riannoc
The Grove
(Maguuma Jungle)
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari
Vigil (order icon).png Vigil
Preceded by
The Bad Apple
Trouble at the Roots
Followed by
Setting the Stage

Flower of Death is part of the personal story of Sylvari characters. It is selected by becoming a member of the Vigil in the previous mission. This quest is selected by going along with Branthyn's plan during The Bad Apple or Trouble at the Roots. As a member of the Vigil, Branthyn prefers to take back Ascalon Settlement with force and an army of soldiers.


Following Branthyn's suggestion, defeat Mazdak the Accursed and his undead army.


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All professions


You will be wielding Caladbolg for the duration of this quest. This presents the following limitations:

  • Weapon swapping is disabled.
  • The skills given by Caladbolg do not inflict conditions and have knockdown/knockback as their only defense.
  • Class unique skills (F1-F5) are disabled, as are ranger pets. Revenants will also lose access to utility skills.

The enemies are almost exclusively melee-oriented. One effective strategy is to turn on auto-attack for the chain lightning (skill #2) and use that as your main attack while moving to avoid the slow but dangerous risen brutes. Select utility skills to support a mobile playstyle.

Talk to Branthyn to start the assault on the town gate. Your Vigil allies will charge forward into waves of Risen. Clear them on both sides of the road and move forward to the gate. Use [F] the battering ram to damage the gate. You can also damage it with your normal attacks while the ram is cooling down. After breaking down the gate, move forward into the town.

You will be presented with 4 new objectives, areas in the town that have to be cleared of Risen. At each location a shimmering sphere indicates where a large group of Risen will spawn when you approach. The graveyard is the only location that has ranged enemies, risen grubs.

After clearing all 4 objectives, a cutscene will play and you will be given a new objective: Defeat Mazdak the Accursed in the north graveyard, just outside of the town. Proceed out the east gate and up the hill. Risen will spawn one by one and run down to attack. Keep moving up the hill until you reach the graveyard.

Mazdak has a powerful ranged attack and summons risen. Use the chain lightning attack to kill the groups of risen. It can also be used effectively to take down the boss while dodging and running to avoid his attacks.


Upon arriving at battlefield:

Branthyn: Hey, Herald - I mean, Recruit! Come here, we need to discuss strategy.

Strategy discussion cinematic:

Branthyn: Hello Recruit! Your brothers and sisters of the Vigil are assembled and ready to launch the offensive against Mazdak's troops.
<Character name>: I'm honored to be a part of the Vigil. What's our battle plan?
Branthyn: Because you know what we are up against, I'm putting you in charge of the forward assault.
Branthyn: We are assaulting on a direct path. Our troops will go through the front gates, and then secure the various areas of the town.
Branthyn: Mazdak the Accursed is powerful, and I expect the fight will be grim, so be prepared for anything.
<Character name>: I'll do my best Branthyn. Thank you for trusting me.
Trahearne: My knowledge of the undead will be useful, but I'm no general. I'll follow behind, and revive those who fall.
Caithe: Once we get into the town, I'll scout ahead and prepare ambushes.
Caithe: After the Vigil gains their attention, I'll gut our enemies down from behind.
Branthyn: Recruit, you can command units of soldiers to move forward or to hold their ground. Once we've secured the town, we will take on the lich.
<Character name>: Together, we'll see Mazdak destroyed at last. For the Vigil, and the Pale Tree!

After discussion:

Branthyn: Don't wait for orders, recruit - gather up a command and head out.

At settlement gate:

Vigil Engineer: Lower your horns. Ramming speed!

After taking courtyard:

Branthyn: The courtyard's clear! Crusader, hold this location while we move forward.
Vigil Warmaster: I'll hold the area. You can count on me.

After taking west gate:

Branthyn: The west entrance is clear. You know the drill. Press forward!
Vigil Crusader: Secure the area! Defensive positions!

After taking fighting pit:

Branthyn: These undead won't be getting up again, recruit. We'll stand our ground here.
Vigil Warmaster: Protect this area with your life!

After taking last area:

Branthyn: Ascalon Settlement is secure. We had reports of screaming from the graveyard. Mazdak must be there.
Vigil Warmaster: I'll hold the area. You can count on me.

On way to Mazdak:

Vigil Crusader: Go that way.

While fighting Mazdak:

Mazdak the Accursed: Pathetic little adventurers. Come, fight me.
Mazdak the Accursed: You think to avenge your dead kinsman? You will fall, as he did.
Mazdak the Accursed: I cannot be defeated! I will break Caladbolg - and you, along with it!
Mazdak the Accursed: The touch of that sword is like fire! This cannot be!
Branthyn: The Vigil is victorious!

Cinematic after defeat Mazdak:

Trahearne: At last, Riannoc is avenged. This day will live forever within the Dream.
Branthyn: Well done, Recruit! You really proved your strength and honor on the field this day.
Branthyn: You should head to Lion's Arch, and receive your first formal assignment. It's time to send you out into the field.
<Character name>: I look forward to it. Thank you again.
<Character name>: Caithe? You're being so quiet. Are you injured?
Caithe: No. I am thinking. Riannoc died before he could fulfill his Wyld Hunt. He failed because he was alone.
Caithe: If we wish to fight Zhaitan, we must not let fear or anger force us apart. If we do not find a way to defeat the dragons, Tyria will be destroyed.
Caithe: Tell me, my firend. Do you think...do you think it's possible for people to let go of their differences? To unite?
<Character name>: Our Dreams inspire us, Caithe. We must never give up hope, or we give up the Dream itself.
Caithe: Then I must also go to Lion's Arch. It is time to call together Destiny's Edge.
Trahearne: By your leave, my friend, I'll return Caladbolg to the Pale Tree. I'll be sure to tell her the tale of Mazdak's defeat.
<Character name>: Will I see you again, Trahearne?
Trahearne: Yes. I'm sure of it. Our Wyld Hunts are linked, my friend. We will need one another.
Trahearne: May your path be filled with adventure and joy. Until we meet again.

My story[edit]

Flower of Death.jpg

Mazdak the Accursed is destroyed and Riannoc's spirit can finally rest in peace. I returned Caladbolg to the Pale Tree, but perhaps one day, I will see the sword again. Meanwhile, I've joined the Vigil/Order of Whispers/Durmand Priory. I look forward to seeing more of this world.

My story