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Draw out and destroy the Demagogue's spirit

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Draw out and destroy the Demagogue's spirit

Aurora's Remains
(Brisban Wildlands)
Event type
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Group event
Given by
Less Longbow
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    Draw out and destroy the Demagogue's spirit is a level 26 group event that occurs in Aurora's Remains. The event can be triggered by talking to Less Longbow.


    [edit] Objectives

    • Follow Less Longbow.
    • Find the crystal runner.
    • Escort the crystal runner to Less.
    • The Demagogue
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (map icon).png

    [edit] NPCs

    [edit] Allies

    [edit] Foes

    [edit] Rewards

    • A splendid chest on top of a giant mushroom will become accessible behind Less Longbow. Follow the trail made visible by glowing orbs of light on top of the giant mushrooms.
    Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
    Gold 1,043
    135 Karma.png 67 Copper coin
    Silver 887
    115 Karma.png 57 Copper coin
    Bronze 782
    101 Karma.png 50 Copper coin
    The values in this table were calculated automatically from the event's level. Help us improve this template by reporting any incorrect numbers at this page.

    [edit] Dialogue

    Less Longbow
    I am grateful for your aid, but there is evil afoot. The Demagogue, champion of the White Mantle, is here. Would you join me on my hunt?
    Talk ready option.png
    Count me in!
    Talk end option tango.png
    Give me a moment.

    When event starts:

    Less Longbow: Come on, now. Let's go.
    Less Longbow
    The Demagogue's spirit is close, but I need a rune crystal to open the way to him. If my scout's found the crystal, she may need help getting it here.
    Talk ready option.png
    I'll make sure you get the crystal.
    Talk end option tango.png
    I'm busy right now.
    Crystal Runner
    I have to get this crystal to Less, but if something attacks me, I might drop it. Will you help me?
    Talk ready option.png
    Sure. Let's go!

    Upon killing the veteran spider:

    Crystal Runner: Come along, now.

    Upon arriving at Less' location:

    Crystal Runner: Here we are.
    Less Longbow: This is it!

    Upon success:

    Less Longbow: There's a gift for your help in the chest on top of those mushrooms.

    [edit] Notes

    • Previously, Less Longbow's final comment, "You need to head in that direction," pointed you to a reward chest: now he explicitly tells you where the chest is.

    [edit] Trivia

    • This event takes place in the same area as Aurora Glade, a Guild Wars mission where players had to fight White Mantle and run a crystal to several pedestals. The bonus involved killing the Demagogue.
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