Deployable Turrets

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Deployable Turrets

Trait line
Engineer tango icon 20px.png Tools
10 Silver coin + 2 Skill point.png
Unlock requirement
Find and defeat the Champion Ice Wurm in the Posternus Caverns of Lornar's Pass.

Turret skills use ground targeting.

— In-game description


  • Throwing a turret into a wall will cause it to stay in the wall. Most of the time it will be obstructed by the wall it is in.
  • Sometimes a location will show the ground targeting symbol, but the target will have no collision. The turret will continue on its arc until it hits something with collision.
  • Throwing a turret at the corner of a ledge will cause the turret to default to standing on the ledge.
  • Thrown turrets are unaffected by reflection.