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Critical Chance

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Critical Chance.png Critical Chance is the probability that an attack will be a critical hit. This can be raised with attributes, traits, skills, and weapons. Governing attribute is Precision. It can have a large effect on expected and actual DPS. The Boon Fury grants a flat 20% critical chance.

It is calculated for each hit and not each skill use. That is to say, in multi hit skills, each hit has a separate critical hit chance.


[edit] Related traits

[edit] Traits that increase critical chance

[edit] Related upgrade components

[edit] Upgrade components that increase critical chance

[edit] Notes

  • Minimum critical chance is 4% and max is 100%.
  • A low level Warrior can easily have 100% crit because the Deep Strike trait grants so much precision relative to their level.
  • The weapon sigil, Sigil of Accuracy, adds 7% critical chance.

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