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Complete Pact training on Orrian history

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Complete Pact training on Orrian history

Waste Hollows
(Malchor's Leap)
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Dynamic event
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    Complete Pact training on Orrian history is a level 75 dynamic event that takes place in Waste Hollows. The event is started by interacting with any of the Orrian History Scrolls scattered around the Shelter Docks camp. It consists of reading the scrolls, then answering a question at each of the 8 nearby Quiz Terminals. If the question is not answered correctly, the same terminal can be reused to answer a different question.


    [edit] Objectives

    • Quiz Questions Answered
    • Event bar empty2.jpg

    [edit] NPCs

    [edit] Allies

    [edit] Objects

    [edit] Rewards

    Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
    Gold 13,650
    356 Karma.png Silver coin 75 Copper coin
    Silver 11,603
    303 Karma.png Silver coin 49 Copper coin
    Bronze 10,238
    267 Karma.png Silver coin 31 Copper coin
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    [edit] Dialogue

    When event begins
    Upon event completion

    [edit] Notes

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