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Captain Penzan

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Captain Penzan is a former member of the Captain's Council, and currently leads the eponymous Penzan Privateers.

[edit] Trivia

I am the very model of a modern pirate general,
I've information magical, mathematical and mineral.
I know the Queens of Kryta and can cite matters historical,
From Bloodstones to the dragon spawn in order categorical.
In fact, I write my washing bills in old Canthan cuneiform.
I'll tell you every detail sewn on Caudecus's uniform.
The skills and builds of warfare are essential to my strategy,
You'll say a better pirate general has never sat-a-gee,
For when you know the habits of the Charr and the Elonians
When you can tell at sight a Kurzick from an Ascalonian,
You'll know my martial knowledge, quite extensive and still myriad,
Has only been updated for the Interregnum period!
But still in matters magical, mathematical, and mineral,
I am the very model of a modern pirate general!
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