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Blood and Madness
This content was only available during Blood and Madness.

He doesn't hear the music. He doesn't hear what symphony murder makes. How pure it is.

— Bloody Prince Thorn

Bloody Prince Edrick Thorn (also known as "Edrick the Bloody" and nicknamed Eddie by his father, self-titled Painlord) was the son of Mad King Oswald Thorn of Kryta. In life, he was a lanky boy, with a head of spiky hair, both lips and eyes smeared with pitch, and was said to have two facial expressions: scowl or smirk.


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Not much of Edrick's history is known due to King Oswald removing knowledge of him from history. Edrick's mother was killed by his father via beheading on Oswald's birthday, and his favorite stepmother, Henrietta, was killed by Edrick himself when he nailed her hands to a drake during a game of "Pin the Tail on the Drake" - though Edrick does not recall this.

When he was barely twenty, Oswald had him thrown into a dungeon for still-unknown reasons, though he escaped and bit off the guards' tongues to keep them from talking. Upon escaping he burned down the Krytan village of Pelchalice killing 600 villagers and was the fifth act that season, rumors claiming to be due to a woman, and done in order to incite the populace against his father to take the crown for himself. The angry mob that formed remained outside Castle Thorn for three days before King Oswald learned it was Edrick's doing.

To teach his son a lesson, Oswald had him magically sealed inside "The Shell of Insanity" that was enchanted by Oswald's counselor, Dribbin, with only a mouthful of candy corn, causing the prince to starve to death. Before the rioting mob was able to breach the castle, Oswald ordered his scribes to purge Edrick's name from the royal archives; effectively erasing him from history with the exception of accounts by Mad Baron Wycker. The Shell of Insanity was then sent to Zola's former desert island estate but was stolen multiple times before it arrived in Nolani Academy.


The Mists


Blood and Madness

Combat abilities[edit]

When the prince's health reaches 75% and 50%, he disappears and creates a Bloody Prince Door, summoning multiple Skeletons and Mummies. Once the Halloween creatures are killed, he'll reappear. The prince cannot be killed and is instead sent back to the Mad Realm when his health reaches 25%.

  • Prince's Grasp - Projectile auto-attack identical to Life Blast with a 2 second recharge.
  • Corrupt Boon.png
     Corrupt Boon
    - Single-target spell that converts up to 5 boons on an enemy into conditions.
  • Embrace of the Bat - The prince sends out a projectile swarm of bats that deal no damage. If this attack hits a foe, he teleports to that foe, Involuntary retreat; unable to act; stacks duration. Fear them for 2 seconds and Movement speed decreased by 66%; skill cooldown increased by 66%; stacks duration. Chilled them for 3 seconds.
  • Life Steal - Channeled spell that hits up to 5 times, stealing life with each hit. The prince only begins to use this skill after his health has been reduced to 75%.


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