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Beggar's Burrow

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Beggar's Burrow

Beggar's Burrow map.jpg
Map of Beggar's Burrow

Beggar's Burrow locator.svg
Location within Queensdale

Connects to
Village of Shaemoor
Lake Delavan

Beggar's Burrow.jpg
Beggar's Burrow

Beggar's Burrow is one of the two main bandit hideouts in Queensdale, being located directly south of Divinity's Reach and to the east of Shaemoor. Though there are two entrances, one leading to Lake Delavan and the other to the Shaemoor Cemetery, the latter is closed off and cannot be entered from the outside except during the personal story, Infiltration.


[edit] NPCs

[edit] Foes


[edit] Objects

[edit] Notes

  • May be soloed with an AOE skill as follows. Go through the Door, across the bridge, running past all the mobs up the hill to a point past the ledge with the Splendid Chest and against the wall on your right. Only 2-5 mobs will hold agro. Kill these then the remaining 2-4 mobs on the ledge, focusing on the Veteran Bandit Saboteur who uses bombs.

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